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  • 20161202
    A forum clean up and fusion.
    The forum has been cleaned up. Only RP's remain. We no longer need the other stuff because we've got Discord for that now.
    I kept Some of the more fun forums we had in the basket. However only Admins and Rol+Jex can see them and read over them if they want.

    This means you can still read the babblethread, Rol. So you can read over how silly we were in the old days. However you can no longer post in them. If you wanna Babble, use discord.

    Anyone else cannot see these old forums and threads.

    I've also hidden the Information forum. (Was only information about Val.)...

    by Kiro Cloudwatcher - Comments: 0 - Views: 381
  • 20140405
    If Jex doesn't return to provide input on stuff and ACTUALLY PARTAKE IN GUILD DISCUSSIONS AND ROLE PLAYS (Off topic: Rol, when you start streaming yourself playing games, it has to be called Rol Plays.), I will replace him. WITH SOMEONE THAT RUN WINDOWS ME IF I HAVE TO.

    In other news, why the hell can't Rol even do a simple search on the Piratebay for Borderlands 2? I mean, I just found 2 decent torrents with EVERYTHING released, which is a lot more than I own...

    by WereMagi - Comments: 3 - Views: 704
  • 20140228
    We kind of need them.
    We've been struggling for a while trying to get shit done. And our progress has been minimal. While us struggling in our own chaos is pretty fun. (Much like TPP) We'll get further if we at least know where we are going. Because right now we don't.

    And now I risk losing my laptop in a few hours from now. (Gonna hide it at 5 am, its almost 3 am now. So lets hope it works.) I'd hate to come back in x months to find us still struggling with low member count or worse, lost members. That's standing still, standing still is not chaos dammit. Up, down, left and right is chaos, right now we're...

    by Kenichi DaPuppy - Comments: 43 - Views: 1058
  • 20131231
    From the chaos of ChaoZ, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 


    by WereMagi - Comments: 1 - Views: 526
  • 20130816
    WereMagi in the FaceBook Group wrote:Okay, due to LARGE amounts of Real Life and thus less room for Awesome Life, I'm gonna have to close not only the new forum, but our own text based game. No one simply has the time to work on it. This sadly means we can't bribe Scott with flash games without EVEN MORE EFFORT AND WORK to the current forums.

    Soon, I'll be active again,...

    by WereMagi - Comments: 0 - Views: 562
  • 20130429
    Alrighty, better get ready to jump ships guys! I have the new forum set up!

    Clickity Click Click Click

    We have an arcade! We have Fancy BBcodes! And we have errors with them I will be working on before adding more games to the arcade. Need to fix highscores not saving and fixing some of the bbcodes. Aside from that, we all good.

    But yeah, you can move in now. Future members that found this hideout, click that link to follow us to our final home.


    by WereMagi - Comments: 0 - Views: 805
  • 20130403
    One last move.

    Why move after getting comfy here? Because we can have our forum run the way we want it and not by forumotion's will and because it's on the same server as the game, so when I become a better coder in PHP and SQL and understand the LotGD and PHPbb code and functions, I will be able to tie them together and connect the forum to the game.

    That and if we get paid hosting, the game AND THE FORUM benefit without the code breaking.

    But what does this mean for this forum? It will be still up. The other forum,

    by WereMagi - Comments: 3 - Views: 751
  • 20130406
    Stuff at home will keep me from the internet for a while, not sure how long. Just do your thing until I return.

    Also, the game has been moved to http://callforchaoz.x10.mx/game/home.php? and the old link will take you to the website.

    With that, I'll try and plan some stuff and work on things offline.

    by WereMagi - Comments: 0 - Views: 550
  • 20130329
    Alright, guess I should alert you guys what is going down.

    Progress on the game has come to a halt as Ken and I work on a PDF that will have everything you will ever need to know about the world you RP in and the world the MMO takes place in. And since it's not a thread format, Jex and Rol can't derail it like the derailists they are.

    We have a babble thread. If you derail anything outside the off-topic section, you get a warning and the posts deleted. Of course, it will be dealt with depending with the situation so you may just get your post moved to it's own thread with...

    by WereMagi - Comments: 0 - Views: 655
  • 20130327
    If you aren't Ken or myself, you won't know Psia. Psia is from the Fear Mythos, known as Paradox and formerly Finchgaem and prior to that, PandorasParadox.

    He isn't much of a gamer, sadly, but he writes and he is interested by the RP. Also, he and Ken have a lot going on between their fearblogs...

    But yeah, Welcome Psia to ChaoZ! You can start by standing here awkwardly and await being greated by Ken, Rol and Jex. Maybe Scott if you are lucky and if you are even luckier, Endo.

    by WereMagi - Comments: 1 - Views: 461
  • 20130324
    So out of the blue mt stepfather and my mum have split and we are gonna put the house on the market. As you can tell, I wont be active much if at all.

    Due to my absence, that means no real work towards getting out there to recruit will be made since I won't be pushing all of you.

    Just do me all a favor and help Ken with the game. At least by the time we can recruit people, our game should be 50%+ done and be used to reward members and such. Bring members together.

    When I get back, I expect to see new threads and such from you all. Don't get lazy but post and get...

    by WereMagi - Comments: 2 - Views: 273
  • 20130312

    • Ken needs to get his computer fixed.

    • Write other lengthy posts and staff lists to show how organized we are.

    • Make sure all members currently have Xfire, Skype, Steam and Desura. Add me on all platforms, or contact me about them. (Search "WereMagi" for all game related clients and "tehweremagi" for Skype.

    • Make dem group pages, add you as members, designate the page leaders (who pretty much are there to answer questions...

    by WereMagi - Comments: 0 - Views: 284
  • 20130304
    No, I am not being lazy!
    Also, I'm gonna get you guys to do some work for me instead. I have been lurking on other game clan forums and stole some ideas.

    From the chatbox. I have been lurking and contacting old friends and clans, looking at how they work. With this in mind, I ask the Game Leaders to write a thread about WHAT THEY KNOW of the game they lead, and titled as such. No using the internet to double check things, just what you know. It's a thing on seeing what you know about the game you lead and whether you know your game or not.

    Being a small guild,...

    by WereMagi - Comments: 15 - Views: 1956
  • 20130224

    • Ken needs to get his computer fixed.
    • Ken needs to decide if we are to support RaiderZ
    • Me to revamp the forum boards to cater to the new games, set permissions and such. MAY HAVE TO DELETE THREADS/TOPICS
    • Write game information for supports games and sticky the threads, along with any threads you write to help new members for said games. This allows for easy...

    by WereMagi - Comments: 40 - Views: 744
  • 20130216
    May as well leave this here.

    I'm giving you guys a week to decide on what kind of clan you will be. Are you going to be Roleplayers, Action Gamers, MMORPG group, a FPS team, a mixture or even an open guild (I don't suggest this at all until you have more members and thus more reliable members that can help out).

    Why a I pushing this? Because, I'll make a Steam group, Desura group and Xfire clan. Why? Because this is our main base, but no one will find it unless we set out, make our own recruitment centers (the groups) and start bring members in that way. And to bring them...

    by WereMagi - Comments: 27 - Views: 470
  • 20120811
    I am updating the site making it more prettyfull xD

    -new tabs= done
    -new banner=done
    -new background=temporary untill i make a better one
    -new icons= locked topics now have a dancing lock gif,we won't be locking many topics anyway
    -other suggestions?

    by Kenichi DaPuppy - Comments: 43 - Views: 846
  • 20130214
    And I came and answered. I'm giving the place a complete makeover, and will be sorting out, with your help, the rubble to make a more populated guild.

    While I play in the background that up until not I assume Kiro had access to, you guys should get on Skype and add me, tehweremagi, so that we can discuss and issues or ideas YOU have for YOUR guild. Think of me as your background worker, whose job is to keep the place running.

    Now, you guys need to discuss here what ChaoZ will stand for.

    by WereMagi - Comments: 7 - Views: 252
  • 20120324
    ChaoZ rises from its ashes with a brand new site!Tell me what you think about the new site, or don't , its up to you really.

    by Kenichi DaPuppy - Comments: 11 - Views: 334
  • 20120403

    by Kenichi DaPuppy - Comments: 0 - Views: 772

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