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Current member's characters

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Current member's characters

Post  Kenichi DaPuppy on Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:16 pm

So right now we're using all the old members as npc's in our rp's. But the real ones aren't here. So its kind of weird. On the other hand some of our current members don't have a character yet so we can't use them as npcs (or in some cases they can't join the rp themselves yet.)

I think it would be better if we could replace the old with the new. We already killed of Satra's character and I'm planning on making a few others leave as well.

As for new characters:
Broxigar is still working on his I think. So he's covered.

Weremagi doesn't rp so he'll be an NPC. (unless he changes his mind.)
Since in the description of our village I said our village doesn't have a mayor I suggest weremagi as mayor. (In 8bitMMO he is already so it makes sense.) Which would leave his character to busy to go on quests with us which gives him an excuse to not go on quests with us. He just needs some fleshing out in case we ever include him as an NPC.
And a name, just like we changed ZOMG into Ziome. Weremagi is more of a title than a name and Dean is not a suitable name for Valians (Do we call the people of Val valians, valeans, Valish, val something? I dunno). So, names.(Would be best if the people chose their own names.)

Cybergreen, is not gonna rp with us either. (I think.) And he's not really in ChaoZ (at least not in the rp.). I already decided to make him the Mayor of the neighbouring town.
But it'd still be nice if he could make a cameo as an NPC. So also a bit of fleshing out and a name would be great.

TheSoloist, same deal. Fleshing out and a name. I'm thinking Cybers assistant. Or something. Mostly because he's more Cyberspace than ChaoZ.

Wally and Psia, They never really visit and interact. So I'm doubting if we should include them. If they ever start coming here more often they'll get a character but for now.. Guess not.

That covered everyone. So yeah, any future newbies should also make characters. Doesn't matter if they rp or not. We need NPC's that aren't former members who we will never see again. We also need more rp'ers xD.
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Re: Current member's characters

Post  Roltharus on Mon Feb 17, 2014 6:13 pm



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