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The ChaoZ Cycles: A Pirate Odyssey

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The ChaoZ Cycles: A Pirate Odyssey

Post  Kiro Cloudwatcher on Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:53 pm

Archon walked up the small stairs and made his way to the deck. The wood under his feet squeaked under the weight of his heavy armor. He wondered why there even was a wooden floor. Underneath the wooden exterior the ship was entirely made of steel.
The large sails on top didn’t make any sense either. This ship was equipped with a mana engine and the sails would just get in the way.

He let out a sigh and decided not to dwell on it. He’d been in the guild long enough to know that sometimes the things in this world just made no sense. Instead he finished putting his hair in a ponytail and turned his gaze towards the vast sea in front of them.
They were sailing straight towards the red sunrise on the horizon.
Legends say that across that horizon lays the island of Cael’zehea where the ancient Angels still live. The history books all say the angels have been extinct for thousands of years. Some have even said they never existed to begin with. But there had to have been some truth to the legends. The blood of the angels still coursed through his own veins after all.

In the distance he noticed another ship sailing the calm and otherwise empty waters. He could see a white and black flag with a purple shield in the middle, a Goblin empire flag. Archon knew they only attacked dwarven raider ships so they had nothing to worry about. Their own ship sailed under the blue flag with a white sword belonging to the Knights of Eli.
The same order Archon and his father were once members of.

As he walked towards the front of the ship he saw the two Knights who had hired him and the guild for this quest. Both of them wore the long light blue coats he once wore himself. One of them was Rais Laval, an old friend of Archon’s father. The man looked much older than Archon remembered. His hair had turned grey and his beard had grown twice as long. He didn’t seem to have lost his strength however, he still carried around that oversized sword.
The other knight was much younger, closer to the age Archon had been when he joined the Knights. The short and sturdy woman had introduced herself as Gihanne Darcelle. She had joined the Knights only a few months ago.

The two knights were talking to one of the ship’s crew. Another young woman named Meesanna. She was much taller than Gihanne and probably the tallest person on the ship. The only thing the two women had in common was the black color of their hair. Gihanne’s haircut was however a short bob cut while Meesanna had ridiculously long twintails. Meesanna also was the only half-elf on board.

Then suddenly Meesanna turned around and ran towards the captain’s cabin. She was his assistant and probably had forgotten to wake him up, again. In her hurry she tripped over a bucket and fell down. Archon normally would have helped her back on her feet but he had gotten used to her clumsiness. He had lost count of the amount of accidents she had had over the past few weeks. But each time she just bounced right back up. So nobody worried about it.
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Re: The ChaoZ Cycles: A Pirate Odyssey

Post  Roltharus on Thu Jan 07, 2016 4:13 am

Rol was lying down on the poop deck, which fortunately (for Rol's back) and unfortunately (for his sense of humour) was nothing like it sounded. 

He was a wake, but barely.


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