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Dust to dust

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Dust to dust

Post  YpsiFang on Sat Dec 03, 2016 4:01 pm

You find yourself in a clearing, unsure how you got there or who you are. You look yourself over. What do you notice about yourself?

((You get twenty points to spend on four attributes: Agility, Intelligence, Spirit, and Strength. You must have at least one point in all four attributes.

  • Agility = Speed and stealth.
  • Intelligence = Knowledge and understanding.
  • Spirit = Charisma and perception.
  • Strength = Toughness and athleticism.

You also have the choice of one of the following weapons:

  • A dagger and a bow.
  • A dagger and a tome of magic.
  • A dagger and a healer's staff.
  • A sword and shield.))


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