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Riaden The swift

Post  Kenichi DaPuppy on Thu Jul 05, 2012 12:59 am


Two thousand years ago a group of angelic descendants gathered.Worried that their kind would die out they set out to kill all demonkind before it would be too late.They also hunt witches,because of their pact with the demons.
A few years later they had gathered a large group of followers and founded the Order of light, to serve the creator and to save the world from the demons.As time went on and their religion grew they also became more extremistic, to the point where they hunted down any demon like creature and anyone who used mana in any way.
Magic was considered demonic in nature
(completey ignoring the fact that most demons could not even manipulate mana)
And had to be stopped, by any means nescesary.They trained witch-hunters, mage killers and other anti-magic fighters.They even constructed several types of mana stealing devices.The people were told magic was dangerous, many believed it and got scared into joining the order.Eventually the order became so powerfull they founded their own country, which grew fast,very fast.

Other smaller countries got taken over quickly,the two previously most powerfull countries got worried, especially since they supported magic.They merged with each other forming a new country, the Blackshroud empire.All the mages that were able to run ran towards the empire, they quickly matched the power of The order of light.Other countries were forced to take sides, the magic users were angry at the order of light, the order of light saw the empire as a threat that sided with the demons.War seemed unavoidable, yet apart from a few incidents war never broke out.
Until 30 years ago, one small country refused to take sides,the kingdom of Derzaè.What happened next was an all out battle between the nations,the result?Derzaè got reduced to ruins and ashes.The war had started.

During the war many small countries were destroyed and claimed by one of the super countries.The two countries together now spanned across two thirds of the continent of Val.As the war raged on more and more countries became its victims.At that time the old blackshroud emperor had died, his son followed in his footsteps,this son was a half-demon,a very powerfull half demon.It was as if the demon-angelic war had restarted tenthousands of years after it ended.The remaining free countries could only hope they would not be the next victims of this war,5 years after the destruction of Derzaè the conflict appeared to go on forever.The new half demonic emperor decided to force the remaining countries to join them and attacked them, hoping this would give them an edge over the order.
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