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Azertiqa the blue fire witch

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Azertiqa the blue fire witch

Post  Kenichi DaPuppy on Thu Jul 05, 2012 1:02 am


My story starts on my eight birthday,my parents were not home, they went to pick up my birthday present.As I was playing I noticed the door to the attic was open.My parents had forbidden me to enter the attic and it had always been locked, until now.Curious as i was i could not resist checking it out.I walked up the staircase and walked into the attic.I expected to find something fun or scary but it was just a normal attic,i was dissapointed.But just as i was about to leave i saw a large chest.It had a weird symbol on top, i can't remember how it looked like but it was interesting enough for me to try opening it.

It wasn't locked weirdly enough, when i opened it it was mostly empty, except for a large book.It had a black leather cover and was freaking heavy, atleast for a child.I wasn't into books but if my parents didn't want me to read it then it had to be interesting is what i thought.So I sat down and started to read.

Chapter I : History of magic

Back in ancient times when the angel-demon war was at its height new races started to appear.It was a dangerous time to live in,the angels and demons fought each other using the spirit based powers their gods had given them.Their battles were cataclysmic,the newer creatures had to find ways to protect themselves.

Most races used the thing they were inherently good at, for example the dwarves crafted many weapons and armors.But the humans did not have such a skill, they were vulnerable.Many of them became victims of the war, even to the point where they almost went extinct.However the humans were creative and fast learners.They copied the other races and soon turned into a versatile race.One of the first things they learned was...magic.

Two of the six last groups of humans settled close to a river in an otherwise hot and dry desert known as Deshret. One group on the higher south and another more lower to the north.It was here that humans first learned the secrets of magic.A man named Wesir became the first archmage,his magical abilities were powerfull enough to enslave a powerfull demon that threatened his country.He soon was appointed as the first Pharaoh and united the north and south.Thanks to him the country became the first country of mages.They layed the foundations of magic that are still used today.They used mainly protection and healing magic but their destructive magic was a force to be reckoned with.Inepu the son of Wesir became the first necromancer,he created a spell that resurected his father, unfortunatly the spell was only half effective as his father turned into the first mummy.

Most mages of Deshret were not as powerfull as their leaders however.Their spells consisted mostly of manipulating water or summoning animals like crocodiles.But their army of mages was strong enough to protect themselves against the demons and angels that once almost wiped out humanity.Other humans soon learned about this and also started practicing magic.
Thousands of years later however the war between angels and demons had ended.Deshret fell not to demons or angels but to other humans who had surpassed them in magic.They did however leave a grand legacy behind, the gift of magic and the pyramids,don't forget the pyramids.

Different types of mages were made along with even more spells.Normal mages,wizards,witches,Warlocks,battle mages,combat mages,necromancers,etc.Each had either a certain specialization of spells or a different way of activating spells.More on that in later chapters.

Witches and Warlocks at one point in time made a pact with the demons.The witches and warlocks would teach the demons how to practice magic in exchange for being able to summon the demons to aid the witch/warlock.Through time this pact bonded the demons and witches/warlocks to the point where together they both got their magic power boosted tremendously compared to when they were alone.The bond between them is made by an enchanted collar both of them wear.It is recommended only to do this with someone you get along with, as the bond is permanent.

Chapter II : How to control mana.

Mana is the energy that allows the use of all magic.It is linked to emotions thus stronger emotions equal stronger magic but this also makes the magic harder to control.This is why you should learn to control your emotions if you wish to become a mage.The aura is not only an indicator of your amount of mana but also its source.Your emotions change the color of your aura even though for most people auras are invisible only the strongest mages have a visible aura.However its easier to see your own aura, to do this you must.."

It was then that i heard the door open, my parents were home! I put the book back and ran out of the attic as fast as i could.I hid in my room and pretended to be playing.My mother came into my room, i was scared she would find out.Luckily she didn't and just came to ask me to come downstairs, my father was there with my present.I followed her, still a bit nervous but i hid it pretty well for an eight year old..i think.
My father was holding a box, he smiled and let me open it, inside was a small animal, it had big ears,a fluffy light blue fur and big cute eyes.I did not know what it was but i loved it, i picked it up and snuggled it to death almost.I named it glacy after my favorite brand of ice cream since he felt a bit cold.
He would become my best friend.
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