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Let's "Rol"

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Let's "Rol"

Post  Roltharus on Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:56 pm

Well this is where my stories will be. The wonderfully, wondrous, Roltharus! Actually, I'm kidding. I'm not that wondrous, but this is where my story will be; from my origins, to some random filler crap stories. Anyway. That's the introduction I've prepared, if I get bored it'll probably get better. Don't hold your breath though, my writing is atrocious.

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It's "da" prologue - 1

Post  Roltharus on Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:59 pm

"Happy birthday" was what the card said, so I went to the town square like the letter advised.

"Hello, how are you" the mayor asked.

"Fine" I replied in haste as I ran to the town square.

I looked and saw every single one of the townspeople in the small square, I almost cried, but i didn't, I promised I wouldn't since the... accident. then I heard a shout from the town wall(up on the watch tower)... "RAIDERS" the voice yelled, at that moment all I could say and/or think was "damn it"
The raiders raced through the town destroying and burning houses taking the townpeople to sell as slaves or soldiers, and they threatened to kill anyone that resisted. All the while i just stood there acting like i wasn't there, wishing it wasn't. but then they noticed me, the leader or so it seemed by the way he walked, talked and gave orders, walked towards me, gun raised and laughed. I didn't realize it but i was singing happy birthday the entire time. The "leader" pointed his gun at me and was about to shoot me between the eyes when someone ran towards him. "Pow" the gun shoot went right past my ear and into the man that was running towards me. I turned just to see him fall to his knees and attempt so form a word with his bloody mouth. when I turned to face the raiders, the "leader" was leaving. I heard him say "leave the boy its his birthday" and he chuckled.
The three raiders that stayed to find stuff in the rubble laughed at my despair which pissed me off and I attacked. I grabbed the gun out of the first raiders hand and hit him as hard as i could with the handle and i shoot the other one, who was a few feet away fro him. the last one came after me with his sword I tripped him and he fell on the crude blade.

"The end" I said as I put the book down. The book I just finshed the first chapter of ..Well i didnt know what it was called but it was about a guy that witnessed his village getting destroyed. His name was Roltharus and he changed it to Goth Kenny. Why? Because Goth means revenge in his native tongue and Kenny was the name of the guy that died to save him.

I went to the store which my parents work, while thinking "everything is always boring, too bad nothing exciting ever happens here"

My parents told me to go send supplies to the trading town next to our town it is a dangerous path, no monsters, but its high up on a mountain mountain. In fact I think were the only towns in the world, i'm not sure though, we are so high up we can't see down on the normal ground and the mountains to damn steep to climb. As I was walking on the mountainous path I tripped on a rock and....

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I fell. - 2

Post  Roltharus on Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:00 pm

"BOOM TSCH POW" Those were the only things I remembered besides the pain of falling down a fricken mountain. I looked at myself and realized I must have been out for a while, because I had no scratches and no bruises so they must've healed.

???: You okay (asked a guy in armor)

Me: Pretty good for falling of a Fricken mountain

???: Well you've been out since Wednesday. Whats your name? Mine's Jared. (Completely ignoring my response)

Me: Eh? It's..It's..Rol..Roltharus

Jared: Well then "Rol" I'll help you out mate.

I looked around and saw the things here. There were gelatin like things that seemed slimy, and small goblin people. I fought a few and they dropped bags of gold.

Rol: What the hell?!

Jared they do that...

-He went toward a bookstore-

-I followed him-

An orc, I think its called was near the building

-I charged-

-He fell to the ground-

Orc: I didn't steal store I gots itz fair an square from nice lady

Confused and weirded out I helped him up. He had some jobs to do for some gold so I decided

I'd help him out, it was the least I could do, I made him wet him self.

Later, I came to turn in the stuff he wanted for his jobs. I saw legs sticking out of the bushes

Rol: Dude what are those legs?

Lady: HA OKK MAY HTORE -Muffled and tied..Kinky..-

Orc: Ru-Roo

So myself and many other helping hands went and kicked his ass.

After that I went to a path that that leads to battleon but there was a balissta(a very large crossbow) being manned by a paladin that was aimed at a dragon. I got forced on to the huge arrow and shoot at the dragon tail. To sum it all up: I went to save a princess or something like that but found out the princess wanted someone else to be part of her tea parties cause she had a ring of dragon control or at least thats what the random pop up said.... I thought I was losing it or have lost it...But then I beat up the kid. *whew* No child abuse or assault charges. Then crashed a dragon (the same one) into a mountain with the help of many others and got acclaimed as a "hero".

Fucked. Up. Shit.

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Hunting Those Bounts

Post  Roltharus on Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:04 pm

I kept on taking bounties(best for gold), and as an amateur I was turning heads. Too many pro's were being upstaged by a nub with no special powers and his only weapons were what ever he found around the place the bounty was, just a kid and his street smarts(which the fall off the mountain didn't seem to jolt at all) that was me AKA Goth kenny.

???:Goth kenny!!

Roltharus: err.. yea?

???: come here kid.

Roltharus: why

*??? swats at him with a wooden club*

???: gives meh allll your her bounty moniezz..

Roltharus: Dude, Jarvis, your drunk.

*Jarvis pushes Goth kenny/Roltharus to the ground(if you haven't realized Goth Kenny and Roltharus [or Rol as I am called by people who no my real name, who are only people who defeat me or match with me in combat] are the same person)*

*Jarvis goes for the finishing blow via Monday night wrestling move*

???: *sigh


*Jarvis goes flying*

???: Really, GK(as in Goth kenny) must you always give me such a hard time?

Roltharus: sorry, Jen I'll clean it up

Jen: you better or you'll be right next to him in the pile of garbage

*points at Jarvis whose on the ground next to the garbage as she exits*

Jen, she was the barkeeper of the CoyoteBlade Bar a lodge and bar for Organized BH's(Bounty hunters). She seems mean and has the strength to prove it. She threw Jarvis 20 feet with one hand, he weighs around 300 pounds. But she also has the heart of an angel.. sometimes. Since I entered the Bounty Hunting game she pretty much looked after me, kinda like a mom, but if I said that she'd kill me since It's like I'm calling her old and she stays true to her threats, this one time... actually this stories to gruesome so I'll leave it for later. Anyways, she lets me lodge in at the CBB for free and protects me and stuff, some people might not except help from others, especial those sexist asshats who think they're superior to women(Yea I'm all for equality any of you sexist/racist/homophobe Bastards) but I'm a 14 year old kid dealing with shit most adult can't so I take what I get.

After I cleaned up the mess that Jarvis(hes another novice Bounty Hunter newer to the world of Organized BHing as it's called) I looked up at the wall of the counts of bounts it's cheesy but catchy and only the best of the best have that title. Well maybe I should probably explain to you what Organized BHing is so here's a history lesson for you.

BHing has been a job for years legal or not, but people got sick of having to find and take bounties first before everyone else so a group of 4 BH's decided on Organized BHing. In Organized BHing after a while in the BH world you, accept an offer from, apply to, or create your own Clef(yup as in music). These clefs or just call 'em groups or team or whatever, have certain perks and bonuses that you can't get freelancing. There are many clefs out there but there are only 3 important ones the fourth was destroyed in a war which I'll explain later. 1. Mystery Plague is the most high up and only prodigies, heavily experienced BHers and those who were requested get in. 2. Fallen tear; they were outcasts, the ones who almost made it to Mystery Plague and those too lazy to try their hardest and only use their talents with the least amount of effort they could muster, Fallen tear is the one I want I to join. 3. Blooded Fangs; these psychos should be in a mental healthcare facility not running around with weapons, they love blood and gore; enemy's, friend's, allies', even their own. It's disgusting (As long as it's not me I'm good) and the clef #4. which I mentioned was destroyed was the Ghosted Bays.

Now in the war that destroyed the Ghosted Bays its was a power struggle (surprise,surprise) each group wanted more gold in their coffers for their BH's bonuses(plus the top 10 of the clefs keep a 65% share of the clefs cash. Oh and bonuses are the amount of gold a BH would get dependng on how his year was, missions failed,completed etc.) and Blooded Fang was prepared to fight for it. there weren't any battles just an un-ban on hunting other BHs which led to a "War" and in that war every member was eliminated from the Ghosted Bays, not one alive that wasn't in captivity or had switched sides.

So theres your basic BHing History lesson of the day now back to the story!

Oh how I admired the occupants of that wall(see two paragraphs up) they worked from close to or at the bottom to the top, If only I could do that. *sigh

???: is err... Goth Kenny here?

Jen: What's it to you (she said protectively).

???: he is being offered a position in a clef, one of the 3 ma'dam.

Jen: Is he now? which one might I ask?(In a british accent).

*Goth Kenny enters*

Roltharus: Jen, why are you talking in that stupid fail of an accent?

Jen: Oh shut up and listen to this guy *She leaves to cook*

???: Hello Goth Kenny.

Roltharus: Umm... hi? and just call me GK.

???: well then "GK" I am Servius of the Blooded Fangs.

Roltharus: Blooded Fangs? what do you guys want with me (he said absently looking at the clock).

Servius: We wish you to join with us in our clef.

*Everyone in the bar goes silent, most pissed a teen got an offer before them*

Roltharus: well thats nice... wait what?

Servius: I SAID...

Roltharus: nah, I heard the first time I was just shocked.

Roltharus: Damn, the BF why would I join a clef whose acronym is the same as best friend(plus they are way to *Bleeping* crazy)? (in his head).

Servius: a little hesitant I suppose.

Roltharus: Damn straight (out loud) err. shit shouldn't have said that (In his head).

Servius: well perhaps this well ease up the offer, hmm? you have been offered a spot in the 10 commandments (proper name for the top ten of each clef).

*Roltharus looks like he is having a hard time crapping*

Roltharus: hold on.

*Roltharus grabs a cup drinks it then shallows*

*he puts his pointer finger up as if to say hold on*

*using the mouthful of water does a spit take into Servius' face*

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Post  Roltharus on Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:05 pm

Roltharus: You're kidding me a commandment?

Servius: Well yes..

Roltharus: Oh...

Servius: I was merely attempting to get your attention, but I wasn't completely lying. You have been offered a position as an apprentice of one of the commandments that don't have one already, and as you know An apprentice takes over the commandments jobs once said commandment dies.

Roltharus: Yea....

Basically commandments apprentices are the same as heir they take the...He just explained this why am I saying it?

3 awkward minutes later...

Rolthaus: so which one?

Servius: *takes up a clever grin* Your choice mister "GK"

Roltharus: errr...Hold on 1 second *Goes for another spit take*

Servius: *picks up a cocktail umbrella and blocks the spit take* Not a second time Sir (he sneers).

Roltharus: Well played.

A few Hours Later

Roltharus: So I guess I'm off.

Jen: guess so GK.

Roltharus: any words of advice?

Jen: Yup, now your a full-fledged BH, so you better pay me back for all the time you spent here.

Roltharus: Bbbb...uut

Jen: No buts you owe me

Roltharus: God, Fine

Jen: but seriously kid, be careful.. take care

Roltharus: uh-huh *hears Servius calling* well I got to go

Jen: yup, see ya when your a big shot and you grace me with an appearance to my humble pub

Roltharus: haha, you got it.

Then I left No hug,hand shake or high five to my mother figure just a "you got it" that's how it is in Bounty Hunting.

In the Vehicle 3 minutes later

Servius: You will be on a trial apprenticeship with each of the 3 non apprenticed commandments and...

Roltharus: Straight to business I see?

Servius: well If you wish to "wing it" in front of the commandments of Blooded Fangs you can try...

Roltharus: Umm.. Pardon my mouth and grace me with your knowledge?

Servius: Well, well, well your good at this winging thing, maybe you should try it?

Roltharus: Please don't make me

Servius *laughter booms from him* ho ho, you certainly are interesting.

Roltharus: I try... at times.

1 Hour Later at the BF HQ

Servius: welcome to BFHQ I'll take your things to your lodgings and Maestre here will take you to the Commandment Tablet(the conference room of the top ten)

A small, yet at the same time tall man came up to me and said "Follow me sir to the CT." in a voice oh-so snake like.

5 Minutes and 3 bathroom breaks later

???:Well, welcome to our humble HQ is it to you liking?

Roltharus: Ah, yes my room is between the washroom and the human butchery activity room, so very wonderful(in the smallest amount of sarcasm I could muster a large amount might have sent me to the human butchery room, not as a competitor though)

???: good, good Now down to business...

Servius: Ah. but Lord Laruel shall we not test him first?

Lord L.: ho ho(whats with scary guys and there cheerful laughter?), good idea Servius, how shall we hmm?



???: YOUR MOTHER *laughter*

Lord L: Test him I said, not kill him especially that last one *more laughter*

Roltharus: Well maybe they aren't as bad as the rumors say (he thinks)

Lord L: I know, the Blooded test

???: YES


???: Back in my day....

Lord L: let it begin.

As I found out the Blooded test is to check and see if you a gutsy enough to kill an innocent, I wasn't

Roltharus: nu-uh I'm not killing an innocent person

Servius: You must

Roltharus: The day Val breaks into 27 billion pieces with out casualty or damage.

Servius: *looks at the young slave who is around 23* He hasn't money, power nor family to his name, no one would miss him.

Roltharus: *stomach churns* no way, NO FREAKING WAY

*the slave looks up at me with thankful eyes, only for them to be blown away by the plasma ball thrown by one of the commandments*

???: this boy can't kill? Then I'll take him and make him itno at Killing Machine

Lord L: As promising as that sounds, the boy has to choose his "Master" Spasm, but during the trial period have your way

Spasm: *grins evilly*

Spasm the most insane of all the Blooded Fangs and he loves it. I got lucky though he decided I wasn't worthy to be taught by him, so I skipped and went to the next Commandment, Ray. He was a seemingly classy person and didn't look or act weird in public at all. but public's public and in private is a different place.

Ray: Eat up, Young one

Roltharus: I'd rather not (cannibalism isn't exactly my forte) *pushes away the eyes and tongues of slain enemies.

It's been the 3rd day with him and I'm Freaked out, he seems perfectly fine, but he is cannibalistic, he killed his own mother and likes Rainbows? Definitely not the roomie you want, but he is mine for now.

Ray: Shall we duel?

Roltharus: *gulp* (the last guy he dueled is still in critical condition and that was with full armor) Okay...


A dagger passes my head into the heart of Ray, I'll admit I'm somewhat relieved.

Roltharus: OH MY GOD

Ray: I'lll... I'll bbbbeeeee'' ffffine...

The guards captured mister assassin and beat him to death, he was a random servant of a target of Ray, likely the person in the soup. The assassin was supposed to be a janitor of sorts. Ray is in critical condition but is expected to make a full recovery in a month. That means one left to be my "Master"


Roltharus: Hi?

Mr.M: mwahahahahaha, sorry did I scare you did I, Did I, I did I know it.

Roltharus: (he's definitely insane, but he isn't a psychotic murder that's good.)

Mr.M: I like what you did during the Blooded test It was interesting, Killings bad is what your message was, and that's the truth...

Roltharus: Uh-huh(this is gonna take some time)

15 Minutes later

Mr.M: Hurrah, Weapon choice time.

Roltharus: Really?

Mr.M: you to the armory we go.

*we left to the armory as fast as I could go(he followed me)*

Mr.M: Pick one, only one you only get one he-he, (he was in a hyper mood today)

Roltharus: Ooo..okay *I browsed and knew what I wanted, A sword definitely a sword*

My eye's passed over a set of a colt and a revolver and I amused myself by saying pew pew, but that led to:

Mr.M: SO you picked your weapons?

Roltharus: No I didn-

Mr.M: You did, those guns *he said pointing at the gun set I was looking at before, they had two retractable blades, one for each*

Roltharus: But...

Mr.M: No buts it's your now

*So I reluctantly took the guns*

the next day

Mr.M: SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY GK WILL PRACTICE GUNNING hahaha, what a day it will be.

Roltharus: err...today's that day

Mr.M: I know

And off to the Marksmanship field we went.

Roltharus: pew pew *I made the sound effects. When ever I did, I swear I couldn't miss. It somehow gave me the ability to shoot stuff even though I'd never used a gun before.*

Mr.M: Very Nice Now if You-

*Mr.M dodges a grenade that explodes on a target for shooting*

Mr.M: OH? Who Might That be?

???: ME, Gernal of the Ghosted Bays

Roltharus: Ghosted Bays? Gernal? What kind of name..

Mr.M *gives Roltharus the "It's my fight look" and attacks Gernal*

After an hour of strange hip hop/ballet/headbanging/Gaming/Martial arts attacks by Mr.M he managed to Stab Gernal in the jugular by using the exploding force of a grenade to propel him towards Gernal, absolutely crazy, I was in awe..

Mr.M: Bye-bye

Gernal: *with a bloody grin* Same *gurgles* to you.

A rip In his jacket shows what he means, thousands of bombs strapped on him

Gernal: *grabs hold of Mr.M* SEE YA SUCKERS.


every target was blown away and nothing of Gernal remained, only me(unharmed too?) and what was left of Mr.M.

Mr.M Remains: Hehe, hey GK

Roltharus: You're still alive?(I said this happily by the way)

Mr.M: not for long, but I just want to say this, If you accomplish anything in life I hope it be that you never kill, hahaha OucH the pain... *sigh good bye...

Roltharus stays solemn and silent and chokes out "see ya"

So Now I got my Gun, and I'm a bounty hunter a commandment in fact, Whoop Dee Fucking Doo

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Post  Roltharus on Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:06 pm

*yawn* I wake up to the quiet sound of the forest, with it's beatiful scenery and amazing wild life... and i'm sick of it. I've been here for three weeks "training" as they call it, which seems to be defined as: live in a forest for a month, with one tent, one set of clothing and your weapons and wits, as well as being randomly ambushed by the group currently training me *fanfare* the infamous, Order of the Hushhush. Or one of the small sects of it to say the least.

When Mr.M (Mister Monday) died and I become a comandment they issued me for training. Considering how weak I was to many non-commandment senior members of the clef I agreed, mistake number 1.
Mistake number 2 was made when I was to pick the person/people/thing/etc. that was to train me. Due to hearing of the stealth and abilities of the Hushalem I decided that they would be good trainers. Clearly I was wrong.

Roltharus: pew pew

*a bullet flies straight through the stem of an apple knocking the fruit to the ground*

Roltharus: Breakfast...

As "training" progressed I had to gather food and I still didn't have the "guts" (as some would call) to kill innocent bunnies and dears for food (ravaging monsters was an exception) so I gathered nuts and fruits for my rations. Because all the good food (both in edibleness and taste) were at the top of the trees I had to use my guns to knock 'em down, My new guns(Pew & Pew bitches). Two customized colts with a symbol that looked like a 7 with a checkmark through it on the barrels side, a skull on the butt(it is called a butt, shut up) and on the handle (not sure what it's actually called) symbols that looked like bullet holes, 3 of them( the number is of no significance) and a retractable blade on each. I failed during the first week, either blowing the fruit up with the bullets or missing completely. But got better as the days went on. Now I can shoot without taking any effort aiming and hit the stem, when I say pew pew that is.

Now about the Hushhush smack-downs. They don't have a pattern, it just seems like if I'm being lazy or they're bored I get hurt. Which I found and still find pointless, but of course it's slowly increasing my reflexes and my hearing/seeing abilities.


Roltharus: *munching his apple* Great more *which comes out as* gate mo.

Unknown Hushalem assilant: *whispers* That's right.


Half an hour later

After a while of getting pelted I noticed that whenever I got struck someone was near me meaning that they have to be close to hit me. So as all genius' do l: I spun around like I was the king of helicopters.

I'm bruised and sore. Some Hushalem are leaving, their part of the smack-down done. Others on the ground because I managed to hit them.

Roltharus: One week, one week.

During this "training period" I have had some time think, so I did. I realized that even after this training I'll still be pretty weak, so I need to keep myself from being looked into to much. How would I do that? Personality change. I'd stop my tragic past look thing and switch to a wise cracking charming person (like spider-man but I have a more sadistic edge). I've succeed in creating 3 levels of my central personality

1.Emoish and quiet, silent and talks in one-word or so
2. The spider-manish one, talks often but not overwhelmingly alot, witty(not as much as spider-man though) and not confident but not nervous
3. Obnouxious, loud and annoying used solely to drive people away or to make my point sound more convincing.

Wow, three main personailties. I need some mental help(looks like I fit in with the Blooded Fang more then I thought)and someone to keep track of all of them.

After a nap (3 hours)

Roltharus: *sniff, sniff* uhh...huh? Holy crap A forest fire?*runs out his tent to see bandits setting the forest on fire*
Roltharus: Ohhh showtime. *runs and kicks a bandit in to a fire, head first*
Roltharus: A little hotheaded there?
Bandit: MY HEAD IS ON FIRE!!! *runs around, into a tree.*

Roltharus: Hey, man only you can prevent forest fires.
Bandit2: Gggunns....*drops the not yet lit torch and runs*

The bandits are all gone due to fear of the man(teen) with guns. I looked up and saw rain clouds forming in the sky, so I knew the forest would be cleared of the flame soon.

As I was walking to a more clear area when "BAMM" knocked out cold. By a bandit with a wooden board.

Several hours later.

I woke up and saw a shadow it was basically shaped and human sized.

Roltharus: Who are you?

???: Cole

Roltharus: Well "Cole" where are we?

Cole: Bandits camp

Roltharus: Awesome (Dipped heavily in sarcasm)

Cole: *walks in front of the window light shines on him, yet he still is a shadow.*

Roltharus: Err....Please tell me I'm hallucinating from head trauma...

Cole: Nope, not that. Not high either.

Roltharus: Then....?

Cole: I'm your shadow

Roltharus: wha-

Bandit: Here's your grub *throws a dirty plate with mush on it at Roltharus*

Roltharus: What about my friend ove- *gesturing over to Cole where was, but isn't anymore"*

Bandit: EH? *murmurs to himself* Probably another loony bin escapee.

After 10 minutes of choking down this *food*

Cole: Recommend this place?

Roltharus: Yea, great for the whole family (sarcasm), so where did you disappear to?

Cole: You tell me. I am your shadow.

Roltharus: Seriously?

Cole: yup.

Roltharus: ...Care to explain?

Cole: Okay here I go. I'm your shadow, kinda...

Roltharus: Helpful, breaking new ground here man. Kinda?

Cole: Your shadow is actually six parts and I happen to be the seventh...

Roltharus: So everyone's shadow has six parts? 

Cole: no, maybe, I don't know. But that doesn't matter what does is the reason you have six parts

Roltharus: what? WHY DO I HAVE SIX PARTS?

Cole: Shut up. What is your seat made of?

Roltharus: *looks down* Black wood.

Cole: look again.

Roltharus: *looks and sees this black material is connected to his shadow* Huh?

Cole: Okay here's what I gather. I am some sort of shadow servant towards you. your six shadow parts are connect with your subconscious, or maybe subconsciouses (plural) and you have some mythical/magical powers..or maybe psi...

Roltharus: And how'd you gather that?

Cole: I represent your actual main personality so I used logic to figure out the rest. Or maybe I just represent logic... None to sure about that myself.

Roltharus: I get the shadow parts part now, each personality or whatever = a shadow part but the powers...?

Bandit: Ahh, you come out now!

Roltharus: Why?

Bandit: Some of us are thirsting for a blood fight.

Roltharus: Err...*gulps*

5 minutes later

Roltharus: Dammit Cole why'd you disappear *only to notice a stick figure on is shoulder, he put the stick figure down and imagined Cole*

Cole: *grows from the stick figure* Cool

Roltharus: ye-

Bandit: Into the ring


Roltharus: ok

The "ring" was actually a circle, bordered with trash and bones around the small area. It was magically enchanted that no one could go over or border without the other entrant being dead. What a wonderful setting (sarcasm).

Roltharus: *gulp*

Giant Undead Tiger: ROOOAAAOOOORRR!!

Roltharus: No I don't think I have that recipe *he said while running away*

Roltharus: COLE!

Cole: *appears beside him running* Hey, This might seem strange but maybe you can manipulate me.

Roltharus: Huh?

Cole: Think me morphing or something?

Roltharus: *gasps of air* I might as well try...*thinks*...Nothings happening

Cole: keep trying

Giant Undead Tiger: *is in a postion were they can't move* ROOAAAAAAARRR! *Charges straight at Rol and Cole*

a Shhnntt was heard as Cole pulled now-a-lance-arm out of the Tiger's skull

Roltharus: *sigh of relief*

Cole: errr... no so fast man...look

All the bandits were going into the circle, amazingly pissed

Roltharus: *gulp*

Cole: What he said...

Roltharus: Cole, if I can manipulate you, do you think I could with my own shadow?

Cole: Worth a shot.

And as Cole said that Roltharus' shadow grew and grew then split to six pieces and materialized

Roltharus & Cole: SHIT!

The newly formed Creatures in distinct shapes there master didn't make (but could modify) hacked and destroyed the bandit force. their master had to bring them under his control to prevent bloodshed.

Roltharus: It's like extra body parts, on how easy it is to use them.

Cole: sweet

2 hours later

The bandits had retreated and Roltharus had rejoined his shadow

Roltharus: One crazy day *he said while polishing his colt that he got back from the bandits steel vault*

Cole: hell yea

Roltharus: About those mythical/magical powers?

Cole: Ohhh I was just thinkng if you can control/manipulate me (a shadow creature), your own shadows maybe you could with other shadows?

Roltharus: *smirks* I have an idea *goes to the vaults shadow and thinks about it turn in to a mattress*

Cole: Wow *seeing the shadow change* Now materialize it


Roltharus: Ta~da, okay now I'm going to sleep.

Cole: Okay...Hey now you know why you were unscathed in that one explosion

Roltharus: Oh my god, your right...well night *he said while shrinking Cole*

Cole: Night *shrinks*

Roltharus: Well that was productive...

The End..again...for now...again

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Wow it's a sword..And a staff..No a key wait..What?

Post  Roltharus on Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:06 pm

I walked into a slightly barren-looking village that had no light or any trace of modern day conviences.
Roltharus: Umm..Hello is this..-looks at a map and mission breifing- Gladsrig?
???: Yes it is, why do you ask?

Roltharus: I'm the bounty hunter that was sent here to help with..Something...

???: Ahh, the aide we sent for, come with me.

*Moments later in a building, most likely city hall*

???: Welcome to our city hall and humble village.

Roltharus: Thank you..err..?

???: Galden. Helkis Galden

Roltharus: Well then Helkis how can I be of service?

*Just then a group of three or four costumed men break through the city hall's left wall*

Costumed man 1: Hello again villagers

Roltharus: How about you say hello to my little friend (in my scarface impression)

Helkis: Wait!

I was about to shoot at them, when all of a sudden my gun wouldn't operate, the bullets, blades, nothing

Roltharus: What the..?
Costumed man 2: Heheh...*whacked the confused me with a crobar*

I regained conciousness several hours later

Roltharus: What were those guys?

Helkis: Our problem..Flashback time...

*Being narrated by helkis* A few months ago we we`re like any other village working,playing, using the internet. But then they came. they call themselves the "precal" and came here for some sort of research and development. At first they we're mere annoyances getting in our way and such, then they got violent asking for something..that I can't tell you about. We retaliated, but were easily defeated. Like you are mechanical and electronic weaponary didn't work and our melee fighters were weak *he poiunts to some dead bodies on the side of the road*. They have power over electronics, at least we think. Nothing too amazing, but compared to our magically weak selves it is a feat we can't beat. Thats why we asked for you.

Roltharus: Seems interesting, I think I should investigate (I say while looking at a key hole on a wall in the room)


I snuck into the precal's base.

Guard: Intruder

Roltharus: SHIT -I ran as fast as I could through the building taking note of everything I saw, peering into all rooms-

I avoided the guards and reached the final room. I hoped to have found a uniform of their's to change into but of course nothing, except 50 guards waiting to beat the *bleep* out of me. I was about to fight back but then I saw what was the "Development" part of Research and Development. A blade, rough aroung the edges but sharp and coursing with random energy. And I got my ass kicked while distracted...

They sent me back to the city hall and then I got up.

Roltharus: Helkis!

Helkis: Yes?

Roltharus: I know what they're doing

Kelkis: Tell, please!

I told him how they were using the tech from the village to give energy to this "power blade". As well as one other thing:

Roltharus: Have you ever heard of Sdehff?

Helkis: Why of course, its only the most mportant relic of are villages past.

Roltharus: Any idea why they would want it? 'Cause it was writing in huge letter across their planning board.

Helkis: No..but maybe the folk tale will give us a clue

Roltharus: 'Kay

*In the library 15 minutes later*

Helkis: Here we are: Long ago in Gladsrig, the leader went by the name Coleusone and by him was a staff of tremendous power: the staff Sdehff.

This staff could abosrb medium sized quanity of magic and other sources of power and was also able as a short-ranged weapon. It was the main source of visitors to the village.

One day a dragon attackd the village and almost killed Coleusone. SO to prevent further damage Coleusone taunted and teased the dragon to a point where it attacked him. He led the dragon to a cave and intiated a spell using the staff and the last of his life to seal the dragon into the cave and the spell kept it from escaping. Unfortunately the staff also fell into the cave.

Roltharus: What's with the way everytime it says staff its all messy?

Helkis: No idea, but I think the precal want the staff either to A. use it to abosrb power quicker or B. Destroy so it doesn't ruin there blade experiment.

Roltharus: I agree. Someone has to retrieve the staff for safe keeping.

Helkis: Who? No one will dare go to the dragons lair.

*A man gets up*

Man: What I gotta go to the washroom

Roltharus: Crap. Guess it's up to me?

Helkis: 'Fraid so

Roltharus: Fine, but I am so keeping the staff.

Helkis: But before you go. allow our special dragonslayers to train you.

I was trained by the Glasrig Dragonslayers they showed me lethal and deadly cuts to use against dragons and dragon movement patterns. Which they admitted were effective against lesser dragonkin, but actually dragons they weren't sure of. Also some of the Ninja living in the village taught me sleath tatics for my next infiltration of the precals base.

Roltharus: *gulp*

Helkis: might you have a plan?

Roltharus: yup, COLE!

Cole: What?

Roltharus: Run in there and get special staff.

Cole: Dammit man.

*37 minutes later*

Cole: You're welcome -He's on fire-

Roltharus: heheh..Thank you so much.

*Back at city hall*

Helkis: Now for your assault of the base..Hello? Roltharus? Where are you? -sees a note-

Note: I got bored, going to go get the sword cya.

Helkis: Oh this is going to be bad.

*outside the precal base*

I had picked up a broadsword from a fallen soldier since my guns wouldn't work but ran into some frogzards and cloaked my sword with some shadows, increasing it's weight and effectiveness which got tossed away while I was combatting an 8-man precal squad, I then picked up slim blade (and once again cloaked it with shadows to increase the length of the weapon) to fight off the squad.

Roltharus: Here we are... -I drop my blade and replaced it with Sdehff-

Roltharus: It's go time.

I run through again knocking out each guard I see with the staff. The staff seems to be working because the automated turrets ammunition seems to disappear before it reaches me.

Roltharus: Sue~eet

I get knocked in to a room by a guard who I had knocked unconcious but his fall knocked him into me.

Roltharus: *grumble* Man..I guess I'll see you next fall...

I looked up only to see two huge mechas standing above me..Thank god no ones piloting them or I'd be dead.

I got up and went to the last room. Only ten people this time. Using my shadows I easily beat them and went to the sword

???: Hello

Roltharus: Let me guess...Boss battle?

???: Correct. Call me boss.

Roltharus Vs Boss BEGIN!

Roltharus throws punches and kicks

Boss...kills Roltharus?


Roltharus: Yea...-He grabs the "power sword" and hits Boss with it.- Bitchslap

Boss: But how?

Roltharus: hehe Shadow clone (excuse the Naruto reference)

Boss: *faints*

Roltharus: I wonder how much exp I got? Wait.. What is exp? What am I talking about?

*Back at the village*

Helkis: I want to thank you again for saving our village.

Roltharus: I didn't save it I just got back your electronics and kicked the precals ass.

Helkis: True but if there's anything we can do for you...

Roltharus: Actually..-He runs into the city hall building-

Helkis: What are you doing?

Roltharus: Well I hit Sdehff(why it didn't absorb it I'll never know) with a shrink ray. Why? Because Cole told me that all the treasures in the dragon cave were keys. Next the precal Sdehff boards all said this is the "key" and finally, I scratched the words staff off of the folk tale book and guess what word appeared?


Roltharus: Exactly -as he stuck the key into the keyhole[hehehe sounds sexual]-

*Random flash of light*

Helkis: Whoa...

Roltharus: I'll be taking some of this as part of my tip -he said pointing at the newly revealed room of treasure.

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Shit..A harem..Seriously that's innapropriate

Post  Roltharus on Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:07 pm

Rol: What? A what?

Servius: I believe you heard what I said

Rol: Yea, but I'm to young to go to a fucking harem....

Servius: There will be people of your age

Rol: Dude..Thats, wait seriously? That's illegal!

Servius: I'm sorry but you have to go

-picks me up and carries me there-

*At the Harem*

-Reading a book ignoring the screams of pleasure or pain.. You never know, any of the people leaving Spasm's room are normally missing limbs-

Rol: God this is gross...

*Flash back, before entering*

Rol: I don't want to go in

Servius: You have to it's a private room for Commandments only.

Rol: Hell no...

Spasm: There you are you lazy motherf***er COME IN NOW.

-Rol getting dragged in-

Rol: Langauge...

*flash back over*

-Notices there are other people getting forced in, still reading-

I don't know what thery're called, the keeper of the girls: Get in now, ye city bitches and give 'em a show.

"City bitch 1": What the hell are we doing here?

"City bitch 2": I don't know, I think that our bosses over at the cafe sent us here Gail...

Gail: Fuck it, we're getting out of here now Lacey.

Lacey: How in all of hell are we going to do that? look there's armed guards and those ..."clients" are dangerous...

Unknown Commandment: Look at this little girls 'ere, I wonder how they work

Rol: God seriously? Some dudes gunna rape them? God I guess I'll have to do something... (In my head)

Rol: Eh-ehm.

UC: What do you want youn'in

Rol: They're actually with me. (Holy shit did I just say that?)

UC: You and what army boy?

-I sigh and act bored-

Rol: This one.

-Pulls out Pew & Pew-

UC: Gunna shoot me from that far away with them pea-shooters?

Rol: Nah.

-suddenly is right behind him aiming at the back of his neck-

Rol: I'm thinking here's a good spot though.

UC: hehehh...There all yours.

-UC gets up and leaves the crowd goes with him-

Gail: Thanks, but if you expect us to .."Thank" you in another way. Don't.

Rol: I don't I didn't want you to.."Thank" me anyways

Gail: What not good enough for you (She said angrily)

Rol: First it's "don't" now it's "why?". Make up your mind damn it. I don't want to be here either. Anyways your both what? Two years older then me probably, I'm not trying for anything.

-sits down to read my book-

Spasm: Hey kid I see you got two of 'em. Horny or something?

-I'm back up, guns at his face-

Rol: Don't think I wouldn't blow your brains out, I'm dying to.

Spasm: -Spits on the ground- You haven't the guts.

*Five minutes later*

-he leaves-

-I sit back down-

Lacey: Okay then.... Sorry about my sister, she's just pissed because we got drugged and shipped here. But honestly thanks.

Rol: Umm..No problem. You seem to be taking this pretty well though.

Gail: Our parents sold us to be slaves at seven nothing in all of hell surprises us.

Rol: Rough...-whispers to myself- All I did was fall off a mountain

Lacey & Gail: What was that?

Rol: Eh? Oh nothing just talking to myself

-goes back to reading-

Lacey: Hey! I read that book.

Gail: Oh c'mon Lacey shut up about those books

Lacey: Hey, your just obsessed with them as I am in fact you want to travel the world telling people stories

Gail: And your the one who said she was gunna write them

*3-7 minutes of siblings arguing later*

- I break out into laughter-

Gail: What's so funny

Rol: I have no idea, I guess it just on how you can still argue while being where you are..But I don't know

So the three of us kept talking and talking and then the meeting or whatever the hell that was came to an end and I left. I learned those "Meetings" were weekly so I'd get there and find those two, do my whole "They're with me" thing and talk. It became a habit? A tradition? I don't know, something to do.

*4 weeks after the start of this*

Servius: There is a job for you to do

Rol: What is it? I hope ther isn't too much work inolved

Servius: A strange occurrence in a village the sleeping do crimes, the dead rise and the woken can't do anything during the night every night.
The commission is 100k , 50 for seeing why and the other 50 for stopping it.

Rol: Okay. Pay is good so, see ya then...

*2 hours later at the village in the night*

-I bump into a person-

Rol: Mister? Hello?

-Random person looks towards me with a decomposed face turns back and continues walking-

Rol: -gulps- So that was one of the undead's

-Steps on a branch- CCRRRHHHTTT

-Eyes on me, very soon I'm surrounded by undeads, who walk past me?-

Rol: Wha? That have no directions or orders this must be a necromancers holding grounds or like an undead trash joint

Rol: Cole go and investigate..Cole? Damn he must be sleeping or maybe I left him somewhere...

Rol: Well off to find the necromancer of ..whatever this village is called...To the cemetery.

*At the cemetery*

Rol: Tombstone, Headstone, Tomb, wooden sign, Scary ghost thingie....What the hell?

-A black undeadish, ghostish, creature floats aimlessly through the graves-

Rol: It can't see me, it can't see me, It can't-

-The strange creature passes over the grave and a body comes out undead-

Rol: What the...I have to use this: *Book of undead life* Rol:Ghosty undead, ghosty undead, ghosty-
Ahh here we go. A wraith..
-reads passage (see the undead blog) Holy shit it's necrotic powers arecausing the undead to be raised by accident?

-Wraith nears me-

Rol: -Gulps- Doesn't see me, Doesn't see me, Doesn't see me, Doesn't see-

- Stops looks at me..leaves-

Rol: It saw me

-I ran as fast as lazy ass shadow bounty hunterly possible and then hitched a ride to BFHQ-

*IN the HQ*

Servius: Did you find the problem? And deal with it?

Rol: Problem: Wraith. Deal: Hell no!

Servius: Ahhh well I suppose that means only half, well anyways your latefor the "meeting"

Rol: Meeting? ..Shit.

*At the harem*

-I walked in looking around and I saw the people I was looking for..walking out of Spasms room-

Rol: Lacey! Gail! What happened? Lacey?

Gail: She can't talk...That fuck..he

-She's crying and..! Bleeding? Her left hand has been amputated -

Rol: What happened to your hand and what do you mean she can't...?
Wait..Did he take her tong-

Gail: Yes her tongue you idiot!

-She's still crying-

-Lacey nods at me while trying to calm down her sister-

Rol:... We're getting outta here.

-The medics and healers come to treat them while I go outside-

*An hour later*

Spasm: What the hell are you doin on my step

Rol: So why'd you do it?

Spasm: What in hell you talking about..? Ohh, your friends there...I should have known you haven't been doing anything with them, but I sure found out when-

Rol: Yea, Shut up
.-Raises my guns to his face-
You know, you were right I didn't have the guts, still don't, to kill you, but I don't think this will kill you eh?

Spasm: You stupid? Attempt to hurt me, a Commandmen,t even if you are one yourself anytime besides training, sparring or on the field you'll be demoted and possibly killed

Rol: Well then consider myself cut from the Blooded fangs, Cockfuck

-Slow motion bullet travels right into his eye, I walk away while he rolls on the ground in pain -

*Later at the shipyard*

Captain: So wherever the special "packages" want to go we take 'em?

Rol: Exactly, especially if you want the money

Captain: sir yes sir.

-He greedily takes the 400k-

Rol: Au revoir (he says to the ship)

*the next day*

Fallen tear private: Sir there's an application at the door

Fallen tear sergeant: You know we don't take any "applications"

F.T.P: I think we might reconsider this one

-Shows the application-

F.T.S.:...uh-huh...hmmm....HOLY. MOTHER. OF. MERCY is this serious?

F.T.P.: Yes sir but if you want to check he's right out there...

-points to the door-

- The F.T.S. adjusts his tie, although he doesn't have one and goes to the door opens it-

Rol: So am I in?

-Manga I was reading opened to page 171-

-The F.T.S. betters his composure-

F.T.S.: -gulps- You have been accepted to the Clef you will be ranked private until further notice and I am your superior.

Rol: Sir, yes sir!

-I salute-

F.T.S.: Okay, we have a job for you here are the details:

Wanted Robot:
S.C.O.T. Tech mage serie number 74797
We have lost this robot,it might resist to comply,
caution is advised.
Bounty:50000 g

Rol: Work already? Well the pays okay...

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Training of the ninja...Bounty hunter..Insane dude...

Post  Roltharus on Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:08 pm

F.T.S.: Actually I think you'll have to do more missions before you do this one. It's meant for more experienced members of the Clef. 2 or 3 missions should be good.

F.T.P.: And training sir!

F.T.S.: That's right..I forgot 'bout that. Newbie go with Private Sanders to the next training.

Rol: Sir, yes sir.

*At the training site*


Rol: Your loud....

Trainer: What was that?

Rol: Your loud..Does that yelling mess with your hearing to? -No sarcasm totally honest-

Trainer: Looks like what got ourselves a smart-ass

Rol: My IQ is 145 but that in no way affects my ass. -Now being a smart-ass-

Trainer: Drop and give me 50

-I give the trainer 50k and sit on the ground-

Trainer: I want you in my quarters after the rations are eaten, you get none...

Rol: Sir, yes sir

-I give a mock salute-

*At the trainers quarters*

Trainer: I recieved notice from HQ that you are the infamous teen Commandment of the BF, Goth Kenny, but that give you no right nor reason to be so unsubordinate. Fortunately, you are to be transferred to the elites training just step over there.
-Trainer points to a telepad-

Rol: See ya Darcy!
-is teleprted away-

Darcy: How in all of hell did he know my name?

*At the elite training*

Guy with black belt: Hello, Goth Kenny I presume?

Rol: That's me!

GWBB: We found your training records from your time with the BF an-


GWBB: Can? Yes. Allowed to? No.

Rol: Now this is why I wanted to join this Clef!

GWBB:... Anyways we se you cover this:
Marksmenship Swordsmanship Increase of reflex speed
Advancement of senses Use of internal energy (Ki) Pain resistances Temperature Resistance Continuing with out a limb Scouting
Tactical engagement

GWBB: Although impressive, there's a lack of Hand-to-Hand combat. That's what your here for.

Rol: Okay, so how does that work?

-Two more guys with black belts appear they start attacking me-

Rol: WHOA!

-Avoid the punched and kicks, but they end up being feints and I get owned-

GWBB: Your training consists of taking our attacks or defeating us, if you want to take a break say so

Rol: Well then I-

GWBB: But you must be doing some sort of exercise, push-up or sit-up etc. Walking is included, but walking is only qualified as an exercise 3 hours a day.

Rol: Okay! BREAK!
-starts doing push-ups-

GWBB: You'll get tired soon....

*One week later*

Rol: God I'm sore, only get 6 hours of sleep and all then exercise..Then getting beaten up..Damn....

-GWBB kicks my face-
-I dodge and return with a roundhouse-

GWBB: So I see you have been observing the moves we do..

-Another GWBB Punches me-

-I block it with my head by doing a headbutt-

Rol: I feel like a pokemon...

GWBB: What?

Rol: It's like. GK USE LOW KICK -does it- NOW USE JUMP KICK -does it- MEGAPUNCH -does it- HEADBUTT -does it-

-Two of the black belts are unconcious one left-

Rol: Let's dance.

-GWBB charges-

-I go ballerina and demi-platte to dodge-

GWBB: Huh?

Rol: Ta~Da

-I jump on stone an dive on to the GWBB-


GWBB: Hehe..You got me there...

Rol: So now that I'm done..What's your name dude?

GWBB: I won't tell, it might be important to the plotline later on...

Rol: What?

GWBB: Ever heard of breaking the fourth wall?

Rol: Yea..I do it sometimes..But only in private..I don't want people to think I'm crazy..

GWBB: Why not? Be yourself crazy or not, AND EMBRACE INSANITY

Rol: I'll think about it..

And so the seed of insanity was planted in my mind OH! and I got good at fighting.

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Freaking Illusions

Post  Roltharus on Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:09 pm

Rol: So...Now can I take that bounty?

F.T.S.: Sorry, I believe I said 2 or 3 jobs, you only completed some training...Anyways here’s another job for ya.


Rol: err...That’s all?

F.T.S.: We have the exact location via magic tracing, so get your arse over there and help.

Rol: Sir yes sir! –Rushes to the transporation station-

~On the way to tranport~

??? : Hey you! Wanna look a bit into my wares?

Rol: Look dude, I have something to do and it’s important...

??? : But you look understocked, well for an adventurer...Or anyone really, and what’s the harm in stopping for something that could help, hmm?

Rol: ...Touche

??? : Anyways the names Tim, why don’t you come on in to my store and take a peek eh?

Rol: Sure thing man. –Begins to browse-

-Tim returns a few minutes later-

Tim: Anything interesting you found?

Rol: Nada...’Cept that one magazine...But I believe that’s personal....

-Tim looks at the magazine on a shelf it’s a “PlayCreature”-

Tim: Uh-huh... (Nervously)

Rol: So I’ll be going then, Hasta la vista mate.

Tim: C’mon we got lore, swords, daggers, axes, guns, explosives, spells...

Rol: Hold on. Explosives? SHOW ME!

Tim: Woah man, hold your horses. Follow me.

-Tim walked to a door and opened it-

Tim: ‘Tis in here.

Rol: Okay! -Runs dangerously fast into a room filled with explosives-

Tim: We got grenades, some dynamite, plastic explosives, charged EMP blasts...The works.

Rol: I like these -points to a box of mint-sized disks-

Tim: Those are mini explosives. You blow the up by pressing this detonator. Don’t worry though; it only blows up the activated ones.

Rol: And you activate them how exactly?

Tim: Like this –He grabs one- Push both the top and bottom then press the button popping out on the side. Ta-da activated

-I grab it and throw it in the air then press the detonator-

Rol: Ta~da BOOM!

Tim: ...You honestly just did that in a room of explosives...ARE YOU INSANE?!

Rol: First of all, no one died so whats the big deal and second of all, I'm beginning to think so.

Tim: Well you can have the box for...hmmm? ....20000? As long as you don’t use anymore of them in here.

Rol: Deal! –Hands the cash, takes the box, runs out to transport-

~After the 3 hour carriage ride, and 2 hours on the rent a griffin~

Rol: Hmmm...So this is the distressed mountain village?

-Looks around at the village some huts, some well built buildings, and a few obvious signs of an attack-

Rol: Hey lady. What happened here?

Lady: Hmmm?
-she strikes at me with a staff-

-I dodge to the side-

-She jabs at me with the POINTY side of the staff-

-I sidestep it-

-This process goes on for a while until she gives up and then she says-

Lady: I am Karmen, I send for help, You help?

Rol: Yup, I’m Goth Kenny a bounty hunter at your service, is english not your first langauge?
Karmen: No I speak Ghel, mountain language

Rol: < Like this? Or am I doing it wrong>
(<> means phrase is in ghel)

Karmen: <Ah! You speak Ghel as well? Good enough warrior as well. Much better then those others sent to help us>

Rol: < I am... Or used to be the best.>

Karmen: <Come, my father, Leader of the village will want to meet you to see how you can help with our predictement.>

~In the village temple~

Karmen: < The help is here.>

VL: Ahh yes. My name Victor Lugo. My daughter request your help. I not speak well english. I sorry.

Rol: <No worries you don’t have to speak to me in english-

VL: <You speak Ghel? I never heard of a land-dweller that did>

Rol: < I was taught it as training, I caught on quite quick actually>

VL: <We are getting attack by a person of powerful magicks. They are after an artifact we possess. Unfortunately our people are cursed with the inability of magic use, so instead my ancestors thought to protect this powerful magical item. It is said to make one live their worst day over many times. If this were to fall in to this sorceror we could not imagine what would happen. This is normally not to big of a deal but It has creatures of the mountains as well as the more primative tribes under It’s command>

Rol: < I’d be glad to help in anyway I can >

-BOOM a large explosion hits the building-

Karmen: <It has returned. -She looks towards me- Now is a time to help>

Rol: <I got it>

-A hooded figure completely masked from light and any other element is floating throwing magic orbs and such causing chaos-

Rol: Hey! You stop it. –I run towards her guns out-

??? : Hmmm? -sigh- More useless enemies –It waves It’s hand-

Rol: Huh? -Insta-blackout-

-I see a large amount of riches in the same plain I am in and I ran towards it, seemingly forgeting the job at hand and what happened. But the riches never seem to get closer, or farther. But I am getting more tired, heavier...Wetter...It’s as if I’m submerged in water...I feel something lift me up into safety. Then again I black out.-

-I wake up in a room, the first things I notice is the desk with an assortment of pens and pencils a shelf with some books, a closet and in it, a spear. A figure walks into the doorway saying: “Leave now that you are awake”-

Rol: <What...Karmen that you?&


Rol: <What in all of hell did I do?&

Karmen: Not what you did, what you didn’t do. You were useless only getting caught by spell...In that attack my father was wounded, he is not dead but soon maybe. You more useless then the other help. Leave!

Rol:< Well that sucks a lot. I can’t say I know what you’re going through ‘cause I don’t, but I know that this is my job and I plan on finishing it. Oh and thanks for the save, I could have drowned.>

-I leave to the outside towards what I assume to be It’s camp-

It: Soon I will be past all their defenses and that scroll is mine. I believe I killed the Leader as well. This shall be easy
-The animals and savages under her command nod as if they agree and return to the marh to the village-

Rol: Yo! -shoots Pew(R) and hits the hood off of “It”, revealing “It” to be a female-

It: That was unexpected –waves hand in the same gesture as before, putting me in the same illusion-

Rol: Damn it this thing again...
–Instead of running towards the riches, I think of ways to get out of this damn illusionist’s illusion, and remember the explosives I got from Tim-

Rol: This might sting –I activate an explosive throw it, not to near or not to far, and detonate it. The loudness does the desired effect and knocks me out of the illusion...On to the ground I notice the illusionist’s makeshift army is close to the village. I run to the temple-

~In the temple~

Rol: Gruesome... –The place is damaged heavily with creatures and savges running about, but one room stays intact, I near it and see why the savages/creatures are staying away a big man with a bigger blade-

Rol: Mister Leader Victor Lugo? What are you doing here? Your injured you should be resting.

VL:< I’ll rest when death comes to get me, but as my ancestors I’ll protect this with my dying breath>

Rol: <Your exhausted.> –I pick up the scroll from the pedastal and place it in my over coat- Now I’ll be the one protecting it to my dying breathe.
-I thought I saw a smile on his face. I call a villager to carry him to a place to rest-

Rol: To the boss battle -I say to myself-

~Back at the encampment~
Illusionist: I wonder if my pets dealt with the village yet

Rol: Sorry lady, didn’t happen.

Ilusionist: Hmm? You again? Illusions never seem to keep you down. I guess I’ll need to use more...Extreme methods.
–She appears close to me fast then I expected, grabs my chest and pretty much rips half my soul out and then throws it far away-

-My response? I kick her as hard as I can-

Illusionist: What the hell!? –She wipes off blood as she jumps back- I ripped out your freaking soul why aren’t you dead...Or at least half-dead...

Rol: I don’t know, I never used my soul anyways...

Illusionist: ...That makes zip sense.

Rol: I’m insane I’m not supposed to make sense...
–Throws to explosives at both her sides causing her to lose her balance and then I appear next to her-
I need some of this
-I take of her blood and place it on th scroll the villagers have been protecting, then boom, she is out in her little nightmare world-

~Possibly three days later...Who know I slept along time. I was exhausted~

Karmen: <Thank you mister Kenny for your help. >

Rol: <No problem. Thanks for the money, clothes and food. The delicious, delcious food...-thinks about the food- Errr-hm...Anyways how’s the father?&

Karmen: <He will still die but not for a while...He will be sad that he can no longer hunt though>

Rol: <That does suck, anyways good luck to you and your peoples>

-And off to FTHQ I went-

~Wherever the other half of my soul went~

??? : Where am I...? ....What am I...? I’m so confused...


??? : Name?

Little girl: Yea..What you call yourself?

??? : I haven’t got one...

Little girl: No name? Well we can’t have that...Well I’ll call you Sol.

Sol: S-ol?

Little girl: Sol. Anyways follow me, you can live in my tree house!

Sol: ... –Follows the girl-

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Uh-Oh... Sandtraps

Post  Roltharus on Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:09 pm

Rol: Man that illusionist was such a pain
-lying in a bed recovering from the wounds I got from the illusionist-

FTS: Yea...But could you please not sleep in our freaking post? How'd you even get a bed in here?

Rol: Oh this? I can't remember...Anyways can I take that job yet?

FTS: I don't know why your so eager for that job, the pay isn't that good...

Rol: I know but that picture seems familiar....

FTS: That doesn't matter anyways, the Blooded Fangs have finally signed your release papers.

Rol: What are they my parents? heheh...

FTS: Your legal guardians until the age of 18 actually...

Rol: Oh...........

FTS: Anyways they won't sign the last one until you complete a training test and a job. We accepted regardless of your constent because we neeed to increase relations between our two Clefs.

Rol: Fine, where is it?

FTS: In a desert heres a map.

Rol: 'Kay, see ya!

~On my way to transport~

Tim: If it isn't my favourite customer...

Rol: Hi Tim, what's new?

Tim: Oh nothing new with me, but I heard you don't go for the kill in fights?

Rol: So? What's it to ya?

Tim: Well you have guns and explosives as your main weapons, those are for killing, but I think I can help you out, with the guns anyways.

Rol: How so?

Tim: Ta~Da! Rubber bullets
-he showed them with an exaggerated hand gesture-
Perfect for gunner without the will to kill

Rol: Awesome, how much

Tim: Free my friend, I was able to use you to get more customers flowing into my shape, think of me as a..>Sponsor.

Rol: That I'll do -messing around withthe rubber bullets-
See ya~

Tim: See you too~

~3 hours later, now in the desert area~

Rol: Whoa~!
-As I take in the vast land with little to no vegetation and lots of sand-

Villager: I'm Ned, and I'll be your guide 'til the BFs get here.

Rol: Well then take me to your..Favourite restraunt I'm starving.....

Ned: That sounds like a plan.

~Two Appetizers, one three course meal, and some desert later~

Rol: Twas good man.

Ned: Very, oh theres the BFs now.

Rol: Hello!

BF1: Traitor

Rol: What an interesting name...Mines Goth Kenny nice to meet you traitor.

BF1: Wha- No I meant....

BF2: Leave it man, he just an idiot....

BF1: Ya...

Ned:...I guess I'll go....To the other village to meet him when he completes the training....

BF1: Yes, you will.

-Ned scurries off-

Rol: So...

BF2: Take this box deliver it to the village Ned was refering to, you'll get your job there, if you survive...

Rol: Why? some kind of monster?

BF1: The sandstorms...They're dangerous...

Rol: Okay then..Off I go... -I leave to get to the village-

BF2: Idiot, he doesn't know these storms can ripp the skin off your bones....Lets go.

~On the outskirts of the village~

Rol: Damn this sandstorm that started is annoyi- OWWW, what the hell that hurt...I guess I should use my shadows here...
-Creates an orb of shadow around me. After 10 minutes of safe harmless travel a rip appears in the orb-

Rol: Wha? What's hap-
-My voice gets drowned out by the immense amount of sand coming at me at highspeeds, when it slows down I'm cover with my own blood and almost unable t walk but I continue throught to the village-

Rol: Ugh...Not again....

-Another immense sand wave comes at me-

~An hour later~

Villager1: I found some idiot who walked from the other village instead of taking a buggy...>Pathetic

Ned: Oh no...Goth Kenny?

Rol: Oi....How do I look?
-My hood is off, my face is bloodied and scratched my glasses broken and my hair has lots of sand in it-

Ned: Not as bad as the rest of you -refering to my missing leg and arm-

Rol: Damn...I need those.

-A young villager boy runs up with two mangled up object. As he get closer I notice them to be my missing limbs-

Village boy: Here mister -he said shakely, he runs home, probably shocked-

Rol: Okay then -I begin to put my arm and leg in the proper place and using my shadows stich myself together, gritting my teeth at the pain, my eye water too-

Ned: Dear God, you must rest

Rol: I plan to do exactly that -and then I pass out-

~After a week of recovery and discovering I didn't need the box just get to the village~

Rol: Man It still hurts, but I gotta do this mission, whats up?

Ned: Well the BFs left so the mission is, by yourself you must take some oasis land from a farmer, it is to precious for the BFs to destroy and small, they send in mechas of sorts to threaten the farmer but they are always destroyed by something, neither the farmer nor his daughter are in anyway magical or strong so what is happening they are unsure of...

Rol: Man, I have to take land from an innocent guy...Youhave anything against? Personally?

Ned: None at all he is willing to share anything he produces that he doesn't need for free, but unfortunately our village is under the protect of the BFs and must obey....

Rol: Well unfortunately..Off I go...

~At the oasis~

Rol: Mister farmer? I'm sorry but I have to take your land......I'm really sorry
-Yelling fairly loud-

-A rock thrown it's my waist, I turn to see a little girl-

Little girl: Leave now or you'll be sorry.....

Rol: Look I don't want to do this but I have to, plus if you decide to keep defying them you'll end up hurt -I get closer to her-

???: Get away from her now dog.

Rol: No way to treat a guess -I jump back before getting hit by a spike, which as it hit the ground turns into slivery liquid-

Little girl: SOL!

Rol: Sol? -I whisper to my self-

Sol: Leave, that was only a warning.

Rol: Holy shit! -Sol walked out and looked exactly like I did, 'cept sadder like depressed-

Sol: Watch your tongue -A wave of the sliver liquid goes at me then hardens, I block it with a shadow manipulated pole, but he still manipulates it to seperate the rejoin to continue its onslaught towards me-

Rol: Touche

-A shadow orb wraps around it and crushes the silver liquid, i surmise is the element mecury.

Rol: Well then Sol, It's not everyday you meet yourself...

Sol: What do you mean?

Rol: -I remove my hood- Look were twins!

Sol: What!?

Little girl: Sol, maybe he know about you!

Rol: Sorry, I actually don't have any recollectring of my memories before a year or so ago.....I fell off a mountain....

Sol: It matters not -The puddle of mecury from the intial warning shot raised up and shot out in all directions- WHAT!? NO I LOST CONTROL

Rol: Shit --I ran, used my shadow to fire me up, and just manage to get in front of the little girl before the attack reached her-

Rol: God, dude watch were your shooting shes not yo- -I saw him crying-
Umm...What's wrong...

Sol: I'm self useless...I want to protect...But I....ARRRGGGHHHHH

Rol: Calm down du- - A large mecha comes out and grabs him-

Sol: Huh?

Litlle girl: SOL!

Rol: ... -A large shadow tendril pops from under the ground right through the mecha-

-Sol stumbles out then fall unconcious and the little girl runs up to him-

~A day later~

-Sol finally regains conciousness-

Sol: Huh? What happened?

Rol: Got pwned by a mecha...

Sol: You! -he goes for an attack but quick falls in pain-

Rol: Careful dude...Your injured...

Little girl: Sol your better!?

Sol: I suppose...But I want to know dog, why do we look so similar....

Rol: Your me. Simple as that, But for a more deep explaination I got my soul ripped out by a fairly powerful mage, it landed here, and was developed into you "Sol". I really should put you back...


-The little girl whimpered-

Rol: But I won't...Anyways I gotta go.

-And I leave-

Sol: Hmmm......

Little girl: I wonder where we went after he carried you to bed....He was gone for a while....

Sol: Aside from that...Do you trust him, do you think he won't come back?

Little girl: Not as an enemy...

Sol: Why do you trust him so much?

Little girl: Anyone who looks like you can't be bad Onii-san?

Sol: Wha?

Little girl: Sorry...Its a word that means brother I got it from one of the books Rol was reading...

Sol: Rol? So thats his name....Oh damn, the mechas...

-Sol run outside even outside the oasis only to see wreckage of mechas all over and in the dirt a little message "From me to you guys, have fun now ~Rol"-

Sol: heheheh.... -He covered the message and went back to rest-

~At the FT post~


Rol: Calm down, it's my hide there after, they wouldn't want to deal with all of you.....

FTS: I know but this was for finalizing your leaving and increasing ties with them....

Rol: Well I know but...It did do the first one....

FTS; God dammit...Whatever you can take that job now...But theres some investigation business you have to take on....Something about an inn Coyote Blade or something getting burned down

Rol: WHAT! I gotta go -And I left much to fast because I knocked the door down instead of opening it-

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I am mad

Post  Roltharus on Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:10 pm

I don't know how I got there so quickly, or if I got there quickly even, time was irrelevant as I stood there, staring at the burnt ruins of the Coyote Blade Inn. The air was think wth smoke, it stung my eyes, causing them to water. That wasn't the only reason of course, I was crying, filled with despair, this place was my home for so long the place I had so many memories in. I choked on my tears, they were flowing out now, I was thinking of Jen, she was the closest thing to a mother I could remember. But she was gone, like my home, gone forever. I wanted to scream out, to curse the world, but someone beat me to it.

"AHHH, WHY!? THIS.. THIS ARRGGHH!" a man howled, he was closer to the ruins then I was.

"Huh? J-Jarvis?" I was surprised to see him, especially as he was dressed in Blooded Fang issued armor.

"G.K.?" He ran up to me "Look what happened! LOOK!" he screamed over and over again pointing at the burnt inn. "Wh-when I find out who did this, I'm going to..." Jarvis began crying and fell to the ground.

Jarvis also found this place to be like a home, and he was a friend to Jen when he wasn't drunk, he looked so distraught, sad, upset it was a terrible situation for us both to be in.

I breathed shakily, calming down. "I'm going to investigate, you stay here". I walked closer to the ruins, looking across the way, I noticed a cafe that wasn't affected at all, every other building wasn't affected, that was impossible! It started making more sense though when I saw two people I never wanted to see again sitting outside the cafe.

"Ray and Spasm." My anger flared up, I almost pulled out my gun and shot them. I stopped myself and spoke instead "Why?" at first it was a whisper, then I repeated it over and over, geting it louder each, until I was screaming at the top of my lungs "Why!?" tears were still flowing from my eyes.

"Because you betrayed us" Spasm said.

"Lost bet you shouldn't have placed" Added Ray.

"Oh, is that so? Hmm?" all sadness quickly left me, replaced by an equally strong sense of anger, though tears still flowed from my eyes "So this is a game, something to wager on? Will you still fel that way when it's your life on the line?"

In a blind rage I charged towards them no planning, the only thing on my mind was to end them. They both jumped out of my beeline towards them, I turned an shot my guns, loaded with bullets of the lethal kind. Spasm had each of the bullets shot at him in his hand, melting away because of his plasma orb, Ray was surrounded by swords, which probably blocked the bullets.

Ray was an interesting fighter, first of, an amazing swordsman, I couldn't think of a person better at swordsplay, but he also had magical ability, he could materialize sword out of magic, the swords weren't very special, just swords, but the quanity he could summon, he could cover half the town in sword before being exhausted.

"I hope you realize death is the only option for you" I wasn't myself, I didn't feel like I was in control, I wasn't the one talking, it was like there was a whole different person. My mind kept whispering "Rage" over and over. I pulled an explosive out and was about to throw at Spasm, who was near a crowd of people when I was hit across the face with a stick.

"The hell are you doing man?" Cole asked, he was concerned and looked lost, like he had just woken up. But I was glad he knocked some sense back into me. Although the blunt trauma I was less appreciative of.

"Crap, I done fucked up didn't I?" I asked Cole, who quickly pushed me to the ground while I was talking. A sword passed right over my head cutting air and a strand of my hair. I got up and looked towards Ray, who was now next Spasm. I could already see their plan, a simple caster/swordsman cover. "Well screw this. Bamarang I liek mudkipz" I said as I jumped up into the air, using a shadow to boost me up, shooting rubber bullets at the two of them while falling towards the ground. Ray used debris to give him a boost to jump at me, letting Spasm get pelted by bullets.

"Good-bye, child" Ray said, turning around in the air while spinning his blade, his objective was to cut me in half, thank god it didn't work thanks to a little thing called shadow armor. I fell to the ground a gash in my clothes and shadow armor, right above the waist.

Falling from around twenty feet in the air was not pleasant and hurt, a lot, but I managed to get up. I didn't have any broken bones, but there was going to be one hell of a bruise.

"This is suck" I said, brushing off dirt and dust from my clothing.

Spasm spat at the ground. "That fucking bugger is still alive eh?"

Ray just looked toward the ground as if he was nothing but a disappointment. "Tsk, tsk."

I looked at the two Commandments, and shook my head. "I guess I'll have to use this little ace." I took a key from my pocket, and it began to grow. The Sdheff staff, able to cancel any form of magic, enemies, or allies. I charged at Ray with the staff, he blocked easily of course, but that was expected. I let go of the staff and did a jumping axe kick right on Ray's sword hand. It wasn't an normal axe kick though, I surrounded it with shadows, increasing it's weight by ten, The bones in swordsman commandments hand were completely shattered.

"Argh! My hand!" Ray scream out grasping his right hand with his left.

Spasm smiled strangely at me. "I bet you thought you won, but looky over here" he coughed, welts from my rubber belt all over his body. He pointed towards Tim the shopkeeper, who was held at knife point by a man, who I recalled from BFHQ, the snake sounds guy.

"Hey G.K." Tim said, shakily

"Ah, what?" I looked to see Tim's predicament. "Shit!" I exclaimed, this wasn't getting any better.

Then in the midst of it all Lord Laurel himself strolled casually out on to the street. It seems the punishemnt for betraying was something everybody wanted to get in on.

"And that's not all" Lord L stated. "We also have your loyal dog, Servius and that large fellow who recently joined our clef in our clutches. We're currently tracking down those two girls.." he trailed off, giving any evil smirk. "Look at you, all alone, hah, pathetic"

"Fuck you guys." I spat out my words, they disgusted me. I looked a Tim, apologetically. He just smiled and throw out a metal plate on the ground. He was hit for his actions, but he was still smiling. On the plate there was a symbol, a seven with a check through it, I suppose that's my symbol, at first didn't get it, but suddenly Tim shouted out "Consider yourself under a sponsorship". I was confused, Cole was confused, the three commands and Snakey were confused too. Five of "my" symbols appeard in the air, like a door, each let a person into the area, but not any people, my these people were my friends.
Sol, Helkis, Karmen, Jared, And the Guy with the black belt who trained mein hand to hand combat, appeared, all battle ready.

Sol was wearing a suit, with mercury floating all around him. Helkis was dressed in a suit of armor, white with red trim and a sword around him waist. Karmen was dressed in her clans trandional leather hunting gear. Jared was almost Identical to Helkis, but he had a cape. And the guy with a black belt had his gi and a bo staff.

"Well fuck that's awesome!" I excliamed excitedly.

"I thought so" said Tim who got out of Snakey's grip easily, uisng a powerful wind magic, blowing him on top of a building. "Sorry for the deception Mr. Kenny, my name is Timothy Wrote, second in command of the ghosted bays, acting commander, wizard extrordinaire. Known to you an Tim, the shopkeeper."

How was that for a twist, I think it's pretty twisty... Very twisty.

"Anyways, I've watched you since you're mountain fall and have been watching out for you since, in a literal sense, of actually watching you, I'm sorry if that seems strange." Tim continued. "I wanted to explain this to you much later on, but I guess I didn't have the luxury" he glared at Lord L who began to laugh.

"Is this your calvary? Well I'm sorry but this is ours." He continued his maniacal laugh as the other six commandments of BF appeared, ready to fight, to kill.

One of them reported to Lord L. "That servius chap died, took a number of us with him, 73 I wish he hadn't turned on us, with all that skill."

"I heard that, I heard that. I am going to hurt you in ways you didn't know you could get hurt." I was angry again, but I kept myself in check. Two of my friends dead, because I decided that I couldn't work with BF. Two.

The commandments had got there on thrones, carried by slaves. One slave who looked like the slave Spasm killed oh so long ago spoke up. "That man told me to tell you, Goth Kenny before he died, to..To.. Kick some ass!" The slave shouting shocked the commandments, they were about to punish him, but his words were like a trigger, I used my shadows and broke the chains binding them. Some fled, most fell behind myself and my friends.

"Well, I think we should start breaking some BFs" Jared said.

"Agreed" stated Sol.

"They be gone soon" added Karmen.

Helkis smiled "That's for sure."

The guy with the black belt screamed out "THIS IS SPARTA!"

Tim, or Timothy chuckled "Alright, shall we Goth Kenny?"

I looked at the six people by me, ready to fight and shook my head. "My name isn't Goth Kenny, it's Roltharus. I guess you already knew that Jared.. But yeah, let's get shit done!"

"Is it to late to join?"

"We'll help."

"I'll kill those bastards!"

FTS, FTP and Jarvis walked next us. Ready to fight.

(Probably write the fight sence later.)
The fight raged on for 36 hours, and we came in victorious, not a single loss on our side, we also got gold for turning in each of the BF commandments for there head price. Being a bounty hunter has it's perks.

Tim looked at the city, we destroyed it with our fight but he looked towards the sky, smiled and turned to us.

"Once, Ghost Bays was a clef, a powerful one, but it feel and it will not rise up again, Why? Because that is our chocie." He paused. "Those of Ghosted Bay want more then an organization they want a country, and that's what I'm striving for. With the actually head of the GB gone, I've made the desicion to create a country with the GB members. I also want to invite all of you who helped me in this battle to join us. Especially you Roltharus, I need a right hand myself."

Sol smiled "I could bring my family there couldn't I?" He asked, not really wanting an answer.

Helkis and Jared looked at each other, they were apparently father and son. " I don't mind, I gave my position in Gladsrig up, why not"

Karmen nodded "Father says I need more than village life."

GWTB laughed "I'm up for anything!"

Jarvis and the Fallen Tear duo both argeed to be ambassadors with their Clefs and the country. Doing all the official paperwork and jazz

All of them looked at me expectantly. I chuckled and looked towards the sky (epic imagery) "This place used to be my home, now it's gone, so I suppose making a new one wouldn't be so bad... Of course, it won't be my permanent residence, I have places to go.."

Timothy Wrote nodded "Of course, and it'll be there when you need to return, now come on, we've already found out a place to start, some of the residence are already made. On to the teleporting pad." And off we went.

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Le Battle.. On..

Post  Roltharus on Thu Jul 05, 2012 12:13 am

Mr. Timothy Wrote had taken care of two of the commandments previously when he used the wind magic to send Snakey flying, Ray and Spasm were too him close at the time, and now (due to the magic) were too far to do anything (they were also unconscious).

7/9 Left

Thank god That there were no other enemies but the Commandments, less of a chance for ambushes. The scariest thing about this was how I knew almost nothing about the other Commandments. Ray and Spasm were (unfortunately) the only bounts I really knew, aside from Servius of course. A loud clang was heard to the west. Karmen, Jared and Helkis were working together to take down a fully armored Commandment, one of the weakest actually, the only reason he was even considered to take the position was his "ultimate defense" armor, apparently indestructible. On the east side of town a young woman could be seen, surrounded by mechas, big one's, small one's, all kinds. Sol approached her, she was likely the one responsible for the attacks on his land, his oasis. Jarvis and the FT duo charged towards Lord Laurel himself before being blocked off by a giant with an axe, Lord L's personal bodyguard and the second strongest BF.

The Commandments that were not targeted charged forth, only to run into a magic barrier of some sort, crafted by Tim. Tim smiled and signaled me to come to him. Dodging the attacks to and fro from both allies and enemies, I approached Tim stopping when I was in speaking range. "What is it Mister Wrote?" He chuckled drawing closer and whispered something.

He opened a small gap in the barrier which I entered quickly and soundlessly, not that it was need the Commandment were all looking at me. When I was in the barrier Tim closed the gap behind me, I was kind of scared of the faith that guy had in me, really. "Man, that damn shopkeeping mage, he could probably take out all of you himself, he's just too lazy." I stretched and yawned. "Of course I know the feeling.". The commandments in the barrier grew angry, except Lord L, he laughed. The others took that as some sort of a battle cry and charged, each likely super powerful in their own way, but they didn't have a chance to show it, they fell unconscious the moment they came in contact with my shadow, rendering them useless and I could move my shadow so they couldn't avoid it. I had know idea how that happened or what gave me the idea, perhaps it was one of the sentences Tim whispered to me, he said it was a incantation that improved abilities. "Sorry folks, no time for my usual antics, I'm too angry for that."

The other thing he told me, was a request I was almost sure I wouldn't keep as ran toward Laurel and had my guns at the throat and head of him. "Sorry Tim, this will probably make a huge mess." I shot. Then looked and saw Lord L's ever smiling face, completely unscathed. I heard the bullets I shot bounce on to the floor harmlessly. He spoke "I am the Blooded Fang, I am the first Commandment, I am invinci-" I felt as if I should have interrupted him, so I did by kicking him in the face, adding in my shadows, and I swear to God that Tim helped with a little wind magic.

4/7 left

Black belt stood next to Tim. "So, mister mage.. Why is it you're letting us fight when I do believe you could stop them yourself?"

Tim sighed and explained. "First off, they're are things that, I as a man must let other men, do. I can't do it for them, it's not that they want to do it, its that they need to. Second of all, he looked towards the barrier, there are some inner demons of a friend that I need to watch out for."

"Who are you?" the young woman asked looking at Sol. "I've never seen you before.. A fan perhaps?" She chuckled. This woman was Alice. That was her whole name she had no other her choice of course. Alice was one of the only things in the BF nice enough to look at and she enjoyed it, took pride in it for that matter. She was also the third most "powerful" Commandment, having an army of thousands of Mechas and able to build thousands more easily, she herself could rival the S.C.O.T. company in robot building. But right now that didn't matter, to Sol she was an enemy. A menace to his family. "A fan? Perhaps.. If you were to die." He chuckled easily destroying the ten Mechas larger around Alice with spears of mercury, gathering the mercury from the destroyed robots so he had more to use. "Well, well, well. You must be that trouble maker from the oasis, I am familiar with your work, always killing my babies. After I kill you, I'll just burn that place down along with the people in it..hmm~." She signaled and tiny robots repaired the bigger ones that Sol had destroyed almost instantaneously. Sol was unimpressed, he had seen this happen before at the oasis. These robots were nothing new. Alice, noticing how unshaken Sol was decide to end him in one go, she sent the 25 robots (10 big, 15 small) to attack at once. The Mechas now directly controlled by their mistress were much better at maneuvering then the one's Sol had fought. Faster, somewhat stronger after 36 seconds Sol was covered in shallow cuts. "Oh Hoo~ How skilled, that was supposed to cut you into pieces. If I didn't to kill you so bad I'd reward you, maybe an autographed picture of myself? I suppose I'll step it up, perhaps even crank it up to 11?" And that she did, a notch on a fan she was holding was moved to eleven. The speed and power of the Mechas increased 11 fold. The continued to cut and slice, each time the cuts getting deeper and deeper. Before Sol finally had enough. "I. Will. Not. Stand this!" Mercury shot out crazily hitting everything, but somehow avoiding his allies. Sol stood there breathless, tired. As Alice walked up to him, stepping on the 25 destroyed Mechas, putting her fan to his chest. "Good bye, trouble maker, good bye~ Be happy I even talked to you~" She sang. An electrical current was sent through Sol body from the fan. Alice turned around and waited to hear the thud of Sol's lifeless body. That sound never came, the sound that did come was the thump from Sol punching Alice right across the face knocking her unconscious and giving her a slight concussion. Sol caught his breath and adjusted his tie. "That was from the people from the oasis. Ahem. Bitch". He was the first time he had cussed, it felt good. He walked towards Tim and Black belt smirking.

3/7 left

The Fallen tear duo was fighting the giant with an axe, he was the second Commandment. Name: Not known. All that was know was that he was a giant, with proportional strength to his size and he had an axe. Both members of the FT duo were weapon less destroyed but the giant when they attempted to defend against his axe. They cursed Jarvis who ran into the burnt down CBB (Coyotes Blade Bar) thinking he fled. "Well I think were are going to fucking d- Ouff" One of the duo was sent in a building by the handle of the ax. The axes height was equal to the combined height of both members of the FT duo and Jarvis. The Giant four times the size of the axe, he could sink a ship with his finger, eat cannonballs for breakfast. And he never wore clothes, fortunately through some magical force you could not see his genitalia but he was still a fearsome thing. Of the people fight him, one was gone, the other unconscious and one left to fight. "Let's do this man" The private charged at him, eyes closed fully expecting a swift death but, when he opened his eyes, saw a giant with his own axe in his head. "What the fuck?" He looked over and saw Jarvis lying unconscious next to the sergeant. "I'm so lost..." he murmured. "I'll explain then. " Tim stood next to him and touched the privates head, sending him a mental projection. The private saw Jarvis rummaging through the remains of the Bar, until he found a shield, one that was likely hanging over the fireplace previously. Jarvis had strapped it to his waist before heading outside. The private also saw Jarvis run towards the giant, the same time the private had done so. Jarvis panicked. "Oh shit!" He need to get there first so the private wouldn't die. In order to beat the private to the giant Jarvis had an idea. He climbed up a building as fast as he could and jumped (He actually finished climbing before the private got to the giant? Man that giant must have been crazy ass far a way). Somehow, with all the fat that Jarvis had gained over the years, he bounced past the private as he hit the ground and in to the axe, but the axe didn't meet Jarvis' meat, but rather the shield Jarvis found, the impact sent Jarvis flying into a building and the axe into the giants head. There was a flash, the mental projection was over. The private fell down exhausted. "Hahah, the bigger they are the harder they fall...".

2/7 left

Helkis laid on the ground, Jared did as well, Karmen on the body of the "ultimate defense" Commandment, the tenth Commandment. They were resting after defeating him. The scratches on their bodies from their own weapons that bounced off his armor. He never attacked, he didn't even know how. While they attacked the Commandment he laughed saying how futile it was. That was until Sol's Mercury Madness. The mercury hit the armor, eroding the scratches made by the threes weapons. The Commandment hadn't noticed until three chunks of his armor fell off and Helkis, Jared and Karmen put their weapons through the holes into the Commandments body, the blood unseen as it gathered in the armor and stayed there. Too tired to remove the weapons, the fighters fell to the ground laying down, trying to regain their breath. "Hey, ah.. Karmen right? You sure did a lot screaming out there on the battlefield.. Do you do that anywhere else?" Jared asked as innocently as he could. Before Karmen could reply Helkis spoke. "I taught you to treat people better than that Jared. If I wasn't so tired.. I'd give you a whooping like when you were a child. If you do anything to that girl.. I can't even say what I'll do." Karmen chuckled, and spoke, her English better than what it once was "Do not worry, he will need to do better then that if he wishes to mate with me." A silence replaced the talking, not one of awkwardness, just one of rest.

1/7 left

I stood, looking at Lord L's toothless smiling face and I couldn't help but smile a little myself. "You look better that way". The kick knocked every tooth out of Laurel's mouth leaving an old looking face with an empty mouth to match. "Hey, Roltharus? That's your name eh? How nice.. I bet I could find a way to ruin it". I used Cole and my own shadows to contain him I wouldn't and couldn't trust anything else, and I added in a shadow gag, somehow he could talk perfectly fine with no teeth. "Shut Laurel. Hey, everybody alive?" I saw everyone alive and kicking (well alive for sure) that made me happy, no one else died because of my selfishness. "So anyway, finished this little guy before he could do jack shit, pretty proud I bagged him though." I chuckled at my stupid joke, made it sound like I went fishing. It was out of place but I needed the comedy to cope with the pain . "I didn't get to see his battle skills, and I'm glad otherwise I might gone too far and killed him..." I threw Laurel with the rest of the Commandments and/or their bodies that Tim watched over. He looked towards the sky...

[End of the battle scene]


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Ghosted Bay, home of the Undead Pirate Basketball Team.

Post  Roltharus on Wed Aug 15, 2012 4:36 am

"Welcome to my humble abode." Timothy gestured to the lavish island we now were placed on. Timothy told me the new home of the Ghosted Bays was on some island. He didn't tell me where it was, just that it was there and now here I am. 

Tim wasted no time, happily introducing my allies, no, my friends to the places they'd like. Brothels for Jared, Dojos for GWBB, Hunting grounds for Karmen, a library for Helkis, the FT outpost for our Fallen Tear friends, a bar for Jarvis, and a small farmland for Sol and his "family". After he took us through the paved roads of the city, I noticed unfinished roads, that also looked abandoned. "Hey, Tim? Why are those-?" I was cut off by Tim who seemed more intent on entertaining, "That is business for another time Roltharus." He said cheerfully before his gaze switched into a more serious stare though only briefly. "And I do mean we will be dealing with this soon." Once again he threw on his cheery demeanor "Now is a time for rejoice!" I chuckled, but my thoughts were filled with questions on those abandoned roads. But I was quickly distracted by the drinking and fun going on a pushed the dire thoughts aside to celebrate with my friends.

Hours later, after a couple drunken escapades Tim and I (being the only sober one's) escorted our allies to the residents that Timothy had happily provided to them in return for their citizenship. Allowing immigrants helped establish GB as a country and he was more than happy to allow the mix and mash of people I trusted to be a part of it. When we finally got Jarvis into his room and on his side so he wouldn't vomit and choke himself, Tim directed me to my own place. 

"It's right over there Rol, now if you'll excus-" This time I interrupted him. "Tim, the roads. Why are they..?" I didn't finish, unneeded syllable were, well, as described. He sighed and shook his head. "I told you I will tell you, but tomorrow, later tomorrow, earlier you have a meeting." My eyebrows rose as he mentioned a meeting. "What do you mean a meeting?" Tim simply smiled crookedly, "you'll receive a note about it tomorrow." Though I wanted to keep asking my questions until he answered, I knew it was futile and gave up on it, deciding sleep was needed.

The next morning was filled with hungover friends, a delicious breakfast and Tim's irritating mysterious behavior of mystery. "The man's a chameleon." I said aloud, and of course right as it left my mouth he was beside me. "I certainly am." He smiled before handing me a note and walking off disappearing into the crowd of people trafficking the roads, carefully avoiding the unfinished roads, I was tempted to investigate but upon reading the note I noticed the meeting was taking place NOW. 

"Oh shit." I murmured under my breath as I bolted toward the cafe I was assigned to. Tangent about GB, it had 10 different cafe's in it with similar name's despite only have a few thousand people in the country, it was more like a city than anything. But after running into the seventh Le femur cafe I was already prepared to burn every cafe to the ground because why the fuck would you name it "Le Femur"? Upon approaching the cafe I was supposed to be at (Le Femeir), my look of worry spread into a faint smile. There were not any worried, impatient politicians around, no there was a large group of children being read to by a young lady, was a devastatingly similar young lady listened. Keeping my hood on, because that isn't sketchy at all "Hey kids, I'm mister hooded guy!", I sat next to the young lady who was listening. "It's a beautiful day isn't it?" Looking a little surprise she turned to me than smiled while taking a notebook from her lap. On it she wrote "Sorry, can't speak." Though she couldn't she it a sad look spread across my face. "I know Lacey." I said, though quietly not wanting to interrupt the kid's reading time. She was once again surprised, fearful even. Probably confused on how a strange could know her name. So, to avoid being maced and or arrested, I removed my hood revealing, I was (Or once was) GK. "Hiya." I said with a chuckle. Her fearful look turned into one of a pleasant surprised, and then she hugged me also surprising me. Of course she managed to knock the table down while doing so, and the ruckus alerted the reader to my presence. "Lacey, who the fu----Fruitcakes is that?" The reader asked almost forgetting children were about. Once she say my face she also seemed to instantly recollect who I was. "Holy crap. GK?" she asked in disbelief. "It's me, Gail." I said grinning wildly, after the depressing events I'd been a part of this was really brightening up my everything. Gail dismissed the kids and sat with me and Lacey. "So it's GK in the flesh?" Gail asked, she had to be the mouth since Lacey lacked a tongue. "Actually it's Roltharus, GK was an alias for bounty hunting. But I don't think I need an alias anymore." Gail laughed. "Well that's a shitty name." Lacey seemed to have found either my name or Gail comment funny because she was also giggling. And we went on a roll, discussing what had happened since we last saw each other. They had become struggling authors until Timothy located them, he was aware of my relationship with them and published their books as well as allowed them to stay in GB. Likely another fortifying the country stunt. But a good one none the less, one the three of us appreciated. After catching up a bit more and saying our good byes. I left. Rather content, until I saw Tim with an extremely grim look on his face. 

"Ah, you're here. I'm glad you met your friends. But I may have to ruin that feel good moment feeling you have, because we need to discuss the Roads..."

To be continued.
Short, but it was only exposition.

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Re: Let's "Rol"

Post  Roltharus on Tue Aug 28, 2012 4:52 am




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Re: Let's "Rol"

Post  Roltharus on Tue Sep 04, 2012 10:09 pm


'Porn solves everything'


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Re: Let's "Rol"

Post  Roltharus on Sat Sep 20, 2014 12:07 am

Okay, because an entirely lack of inspiration, I can't even start to try and finish the chapters in my story. But the only reason I even feel more of the story needs to be told is because Rol's Mental condition doesn't makes sense in the context of the story compared to the RPs. In the story thus far he is almost essentially faking his insanity, it is a persona used to relieve battle stress and keep emotions from getting in the way. However I planned to further expand on the evolution of Rol's psychosis in the remaining two chapters, but as that seems like an unlikely goal I will summarize the reasons for Rol being Rol.

"     Upon joining with Timothy Wrote in forming the country that once was the organization "The Ghosted Bays", as the General of Its military no less. Roltharus is sent with a platoon of men to scout the unexplored areas of the island the Ghosted Bays have settled on. While exploring, the Platoon encounters a dangerous native to the island. Raptors. The platoon is horrifyingly slaughtered with the exception Rol. The raptors intelligence were clearly above that of others and they had organized themselves in a way that would entirely distract Rol while the other platoon members were eaten. The Raptors retreated leaving Rol surrounded by the corpses of his fallen platoon membrs

Scarred emotionally while physically fine Rol continued to follow the raptors, were it to avenge the platoon members, learn more about that raptors? Rol hadn't the slightest clue, but he could not keep himself from following them. He located them in an abandoned laboratory. All signs pointed that due to experimentation this raptors gained an unbelievable level of intelligence (at least for the species), but even with that the creatures were bloodthirsty and violent. They noticed the bounty hunter in their lair and attacked him, vastly outnumbered and honestly frightened, the bounty hunter succumbed to his emotional trauma and physical exhaustion so he began losing conscious before being saved by Timothy. Kind of. 

See Timothy had known about the raptors and had willingly sacrificed his men in order to create a mental break in Rol's mind. Through a large amount exposition that a nervous pacing Tim delivers, Rol learns the origin of his power. While falling from the mountain he died, but another death on the mountain at the same time was that of an Ancient Demon, an original one. Shadow related of course. For whatever reason, the energy of the demon fused with the soul of Rol, dragging it back into his body, returning him to life and with extra perks. While he possessed the powers and even some demon like damage resistances (really, with the explosions Rol survives there has to be something) but his soul had simply absorbed the power and did not integrate with it somewhat limiting his powers, but also not allowing things that normally harm demons affect him anymore than it would a normal human. The shadow energy that existed in Rol began to adapt to his body, reacting specifically to certain emotions and processes (hence the Six Shadows and Cole). It is then revealed that Timothy knows this through a demon of his own. Another Ancient Demon, but it does not supply him power, simply a lasting life (Timothy has been around since the origin of Organized Bounty Hunting, so there have to be some interference for him not to be a prune in a wheelchair) and surveillance, in exchange for food and shelter. The surveillance aspect is how Tim found out about Rol. Tim knowing Rol's potential sought him out to use as an effective tool (powerful soldier, possible politic use), he manipulated things to ensure Rol would be drawn to the bounty hunting world.   

The demon explained Tim's Reasoning for the mental damage to Rol was to create an access point into Rol's mind that was protected by willpower and shadows. The fear of raptors did exactly that, allowing Tim to access Rol brain and eliminate the walls that separate imagination from reality/thoughts from actions/most social conventions. Tim did this, in grief clearly not wanting to do it. But with solid reasoning, Tim had protect the Ghosted Bay in anyway he could. In utilitarian ways (sacrifice a few for the sake of many) he'd kill innocents (the platoon members for example), complete tasks of terrorism, and other crimes to ensure the peace of the island was not disturbed. Because of this Tim hated himself to an extent Rol couldn't comprehend, but he also had to Keep Rol from revolting. Rol was rather moral (do not kill, yo) and somewhat intelligent; had he remained as such he could have rallied forces overthrown Tim. Which in the end would have spelled doom for the island. As Tim's dirty deeds protected the island from conflict. Explaining this to Rol while eliminating any organization in his mind, Rol maintained his ability to do anything he could prior, but with the concentration of a three year old. Forgetting things or prioritizing things in the stupidest order, unable to take things seriously. This made him an effective though somewhat inefficient warrior/bounty hunter, but also unable to revolt or go against Tim, politically. His mind was chaos but not lost. 

Occasionally Rol could step up to the plate as the whole person he once was, his shadows, attuned to emotions and empathetic (as well and formed fully prior to Rol trauma) could occasionally act as guidelines for his mind when they encountered other emotions. (see Rol making sense with the traumatized Jizzy in the first Necropalyse, Rol making sense in a tense situation between Riaden and Az in A Royal Pian.., etc.) And Cole continued to act as the subconscious and logic to Rol's crazy. Rol maintained grasps on a few things that were important to him when he was not crazy, e.g. Not killing, loyalty, comedy (mostly for himself), and complaining. But they have no sentimental personal value to Rol now and simply serve as Rules to live by. 

Tim was never okay with the choices he made but felt he had to make them nonetheless, so he told all of the allies Rol brought with him to the island about what he had done. But before action could escalate Rol, in his final moments of sanity simply told them 'let it happen'. Perhaps he understood he would have fought with Tim over the island, leading to its destruction, or he did agree with Tim's ideology, whatever the case, he's long since forgotten, but his allies listened and continue to live on and assist the island, hoping to eliminate the need for Tim's dark deeds.

Rol unsettled by his change, aware of what happened and who did what, but entirely unable to judge the situation properly, simply left the island to bounty hunt and found himself with an old bounty for a robot unit.. "

There we go.


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Re: Let's "Rol"

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