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ChaoZ begins

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ChaoZ begins

Post  Kenichi DaPuppy on Wed Aug 08, 2012 1:55 pm

Falling from the sky..some people enjoy it,they say it makes them feel free.However, those people usually have a parachute,jetpack or some kind of magic to let them land safely, I had none of those.Now, I am not afraid of heights and I do enjoy freedom.But when you've been falling for fifteen minutes not only does it get extremely boring, the landing is going to really REALLY hurt.
While I am falling I might as well tell you about myself, not like I am going anywhere.Except down.My name is Kenichi DaPuppy,Martial artist,adventurer and ex soldier.You will probably want to know how I ended up falling from so high up, well lets just say I..Oh crap theres the grou-

A younger kenichi, around age 8 is walking through the forest,Hes wearing what could only be described as rags and his hair is a mess.A slight drizzle of rain falls down from the light greyish sky.He doesn't pay attention to his hair and clothes getting wet, he is too focused.He is being followed and he knows it, his green eyes look around, trying to catch a glimpse of his pursuer.He starts walking faster,then suddenly , a sound! A twig breaking, he turns around but sees nothing.Suddenly he notices someone leaping at him from behind."Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!"
He slips as he is pushed, falls down and rolls over the ground grabbing his attackers shirt as they roll farther and farther untill they hit a tree."Ouch, damnit sis..be more carefull.""Hehe, no can do twin, you are an easy prey!"Kenichi glares at his twin, brandy,She did this a lot, it annoyed him, atleast thats what he said, but he knew it was just playfulness.He was also a kid so in truth he had just as much fun as she did."Get off me!"He pushed her off him,they both stood up and started laughing as the rain started pouring down harder.

Then i woke up, I had managed to soften the fall.But it still knocked me out for a short while, yes I kinda lied when I said I had no safe way of landing but I didn't lie about one thing, it hurt like a motherfucker.
Thankfully us martial artists can control ki, Blue ki in this case, the ki of motion.Normally its used to boost your speed and jumps, however if used correctly it can slow you down when falling.After all it is the speed of the fall that kills you, a slower fall equals a "safer" landing.Ofcourse using that much ki tends to be exhausting, I need to replenish my ki, in other words: Breakfast time.
I might also need some new clothes, my black kung-fu pants are torn and my grey kung-fu shirt and vest are full of dirt, also there is a hole in my shoe.I have no idea how that last one happened.
I dust myself off and start walking, searching for a place they served breakfast.My body still feels a bit sore but nothing permanent, the only permanent wound i ever got is this scar over my left eye.Ironically its also the only wound I got outside of combat,but thats a long story..

Oh look there a guard tower!That means theres a town over there, finally some breakfast.Wait you guys are still following me?For fucks sake im not that interesting!Now shoo.
...Well that didn't work..fine follow me just don't expect me to pay for your breakfast.Once i arrive in town I enter the first Inn i see and sit down at a table in the corner.The Inn looks crowded, I should just order my food to go.I think i'll have a bacon burger, or three...What!?! Don't look at me like that, I need lots of food to replenish my ki.

Meanwhile at the other end of the room a girl dressed as a pirate was clinging to a tall blonde guy.The guy was an assassin he was wearing the uniform of the old order of Hushhush, which had disbanded years ago but some still wore the uniform.Even though his face was half covered up his face showed that he was clearly getting annoyed by her.He pushes her away and she falls to the floor,tears run down her eyes as she gets up and runs towards kenichi in the corner.She now clings to the confused martial artist who has no idea what the hell just happened.He gets even more confused when suddenly she kisses him!

Immediatly the assassin walks over to the two, followed by a white robot.An armored demon stood a bit further watching everything, it seemed to amuse him.As soon as the girl notices the assassin she breaks the kiss and runs out the door, leaving kenichi behind even more confused.Before he can react to any of this the assassin slams his fist on kenichi's table and says:"What the hell do you think you are doing hitting on girls who are vulnerable!"
Kenichi shakes his head trying to make sense of the situation before responding."I didn't hit on anybody she just kissed me!"
The robot intervenes"Well you sure didn't stop her!""I didn't have time to do anything!" kenichi replies, if he hates anything its getting accused of things that weren't his fault.But the assassin doesn't seem to believe him or care.

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Epic bar fight

Post  Kenichi DaPuppy on Wed Nov 14, 2012 3:16 am


Kenichi: Wtf was that..O.o.Good thing she left..
Endo:..we saw you kiss back don't deny it
Scott: ye you perv
Kenichi:I did not kiss back!
Endo:well you sure didn't try to stop her
Kenichi: she caught me off guard, it went to fast for me to do anything.
Riaden: yeah sure, you pervert,taking advantage of a crying girl, shame on you!
Kenichi:I wasn't..ugh, if you hadn't rejected her she wouldn't have been crying in the first place!
Riaden:Oh ,..so now its MY fault?
Kenichi: ..well yeah..it is..

Suddenly the robot attacks kenichi with its (/swordplay) sword.Kenichi lets his chair and himself fall backwards on the ground to dodge the attack.The robot attacks again, kenichi blocks its sword by kicking the table on its side, making the sword get stuck in the table.Kenichi then jumprolls out of the corner to the bar and draws his sword.

The robot pulls his sword out of the table and charges at kenichi.Kenichi blocks his first attack and dodges the second.He then decapitates the robot.He puts his sword away while the robot collapses on the floor.

Kenichi:your pretty slow, maybe you should have gotten an upgrade? Lol

Then suddenly the demon and the assassin charge at kenichi with their swords drawn.Kenichi who has put away his sword can't react on time to block or dodge the attack from both sides.But when they slash their swords at him he suddenly dissapears right before they hit him.

Endo: how did he?..
Endo: More importantly where did the perv go?..
Kenichi: i'm right here, behind you.
Riaden: how did you get there ..wtf
Kenichi:Oh i just -..wait what are you two smilling about?

He sees the two smilling and senses an attack from behind.He dodges it but has a small piece of his hair cut off by the robots attack.

Kenichi:that was close..wait..MY HAIR!!..WTF are you a barber bot or something..
Kenichi:and didn't i kill you already?
Scott:you?kill me? Lol..you actually think a perv like you could kill me?
Kenichi:Being a perv has nothing to do with fighting ability..
Scott: well you'll never be able to beat me because my nano-bots will just repair me
Everyone else: Nano-bots????o.O
Scott:Yes nano-bots..tiny robots that you can't s-
Kenichi: I know what nano-bots are but seriously??O.o
Scott:Laugh all you want but these nano-bots make me invincible !
Kenichi:Try saying that after i turn your ass into scrap metal!

The robot and kenichi engage in a swordfight.The robot slowly pushes kenichi back to the assassin and demon standing behind him.Kenichi notices and pushes the robot back instead, dodges its counter attack by jumping over it and kicking it in the back.The robot gets sent flying against the bar and almost crashes into the demon and assassin.

They manage to avoid the robot projectile and together attack kenichi again.Kenichi engages in another swordfight thiw time two vs one.He tries to kick the assassin who dodges by jumping backwards on a table.

Kenichi then Kicks the demons head and jumps on the table.The demon falls on the florr and riaden and kenichi continue their swordfight on the table.Kenichi manages tograb the assassin's arm when he tries to attack him and throws him of the table.The assassin lands on his feet and the demon slashes his sword at kenichi's legs.Kenichi jumps of the table to dodge the demons sword.
Then suddenly the robot who has been repaired by its nanobots again attacks kenichi from behind, kenichi teleports again.

Kenichi: (I need to end this quickly,I can't take all three of them at once..I need to decrease their numbers by taking one out..but the demon is too strong and the assassin is too fast..and that annoying robot just keeps coming back..unless..!!)

Kenichi teleports back to the robot and kicks it into the wall.Then he pierces his sword through the robots head and pins it to the wall.He takes its sword out of its hand and uses it to cut of its head.He then kicks the rest of the robot across the Inn to seperate it as far as possible from the body.He uses the robots sword to continue the fight with the demon and assassin.

Scott:I'm still invincible!!!.............will someone take my head off this wall..please?

Kenichi keeps fighting against the demon and assassin.He is having trouble fighting two on one and they can't get a hit on him because he keep teleporting.

scott:seriously can someone help me now?..

The battle continues and the other people in the inn went upstairs to avoid being caught up in the battle.

scott:guys..GUYS get my head off of this wall you A-(ssholes) *Unit - 74797 has been muted,speech priviliges have been temporarely revoked.*

-10 minutes later-

The battle continues but they realize they aren't getting anywhere and decide to end the battle.

Endo:this is leading us nowhere..
Endo:how bout a truce guys?..
kenichi:sounds good I'm really getting hungry now..
endo:Kk ...but you have to promise never to take advantage of sad girls again
kenichi:..k..wait what?!..i didn't..-_- sigh..im too hungry to argue..so..k i promise ..
endo:good thats settled..
riaden:ye..let's sit down and eat our breakfast

Kenichi:finally my baconburgers..this is gonna taste awsome ...
endo:lmao..ye lets eat..
riaden:good thing we didn't cause too much damage to this inn..
kenichi:yup..wait..guys ..aren't we forgetting something?..
riaden:...what the hell are you talking about shut up and eat your bacon burgers
endo:..hmm..nah your just imagining things..

*T-74797 has been unmuted,speech privileges have been restored*
scott: -_- guys..

Kenichi:huh?..I KNEW IT! we forgot the robot!
riaden:shut up
endo:XD sorry dude we totally forgot about you, perv go get his head off the wall
kenichi:..why me ?..
scott: CUZ YOU DID THIS TO ME ! you D-
*Unit T-74797 has been muted,speech priviliges have been temporarely revoked.*
scott: -_-(why did they install this useless mute function anyway?!)


Scotts creator: I have finally achieved artificial human-like inteligence! Oh imagine the possibilities! I wonder what its first spoken sentence will be!
Scott:Where the fuck am I? Who the flying fuck are you?Goddamnit this feels weird..Who am i?..Why the fuck don't i have any fucking memory?!
creator:.....i wonder if i can install something to lessen your profanities.
Scott:Why the fuck would you do that you asshole?!
Creator:-turns scott off-...

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Archon the AFK

Post  Kenichi DaPuppy on Wed Nov 14, 2012 3:23 am


In a bar after an incident with a random girl, four adventurers got into a barfight.When they realized the fight was usseless the four decided on a truce.The asshole assassin,The evil bastard half-demon,The hyper active robot, and The pervert martial artist then decided they would form a guild together.

After getting the robot of the wall the perv..i mean kenichi..sat back down with the other two and finished his breakfast.

Scott:thanks for helping me there you guys -_-
Riaden: you are welcome
Kenichi:I think he was being sarcastic dude, you do know he was on your side right?
Riaden:I thought he was a wall ornament
Scott: -_- i would call you a bad word right now but i can't , i'll get muted again -_-
Riaden:just call me the awsome riaden
Scott:Awsome wasn't the word i was thinking of but ok -_-
Kenichi:I'm kenichi DaPuppy
Riaden:good for you..to bad idc
Endo:lmao,I'm Endopker the ebil..you guys crack me up..we should form a guild together or something .ya know to keep our eyes on this pervert.
Kenichi: -_- sigh..starting a guild does sound good..I'm in,..btw whats your name robot?
Scott:umm..my name...(think think!..dammit i dunno my own name..make something up..dave..no..steve..no..)

Endo:got muted again?
Scott: UH? no ..
Endo:whats you name then?
Scott:...i don't know..
Kenichi: you don't know your own name?
Scott:My memory card seems to have been erased..all i know is that I'm a tech-mage made by the scientific computer operated technologies company. with series number 74797.Or S.C.O.T.T-74797
Kenichi:I'll just call you Scott then
Scott:...Scott?..sounds good..ok..I'm Scott then
Endo:..lol..Kk scott,riaden you guys in?
Riaden:In what?
Endo:the guild
Scott:sure i'm in !..as long as the perv doesn't hang me on a wall again
Kenichi: -_- you attacked me..i just defended myself
Riaden:Well i guess im in too..someone has to be able to keep an eye on this perv i guess
Kenichi:...sigh ..

Kenichi:anyway..-__- if we want to start the guild we will need..
Kenichi:no..not tacos..money..
Riaden: O we will need tacos alright
Kenichi: k then.....how are we gonna get all..
Riaden: those tacos?
Kenichi: shuddup about tacos already -_-
Endo:lmao ye kenichi is right we will need money and lots of it.
Riaden: ye for the tacos

Endo:anyone got alot of gold hanging around?..no? didn't think so.. i guess we will need a way to get enough gold.
Riaden:A carwash!
Endo:..a carw..what da hell??!...no we aren't doing a carwash...
Kenichi:well the best way to make money fast in lore is doing alot of quests..
Endo: or One big one
Kenichi:ye...guess we will need to look for quests..
Yulgar:you guys looking for a quest?..there are lots of quest on our questwall next to the door
Kenichi:Thanks..guess we gonna check out the questwall.

Quest wall:

Help farmers solve a mystery in willow creek.Save the town from unknown danger.
2000 g reward

Help the local petshop
1000 g reward

Investigate The new threat at Bludrut keep.
500 g + ???

Help a witch make the ultimate elixer:gather ingredients.
1200 g

Ninja looking for students!;become a master of stealth !
3000g is needed as payment to start your training
reward:become a real ninja!

clean sewers,might encounter big rats and other monsters,kill as many as you can.
reward:5000 g

Find and destroy a dragon egg hidden in lagvillia mines.Bring atleast 5 adventurers.
reward:10000000 g (10 mill)

Kenichi:well that Z-rank quest will get us more then enough gold to start our guild.
Endo:that amount is enough to start two guilds.lmao
Scott:second most paying quest is the sewers..theres no way i'm going in a sewer!..i'll get way too dirty ..and i'll rust..lets take the Z one
Kenichi:Z quests are hard..and dangerous..plus we need atleast 5 members for this quest.
Endo:ye, but the rest isn't nearly enough even if we did all of them we still wouldn't have enough to start a guild.
Riaden:Ye..how hard can it be to find and destroy a dragon egg right?..i mean its not like its mother will try to eat us or anything...
Endo: we will just have to recruit a fifth member ..Its our only option..i know fighting a dragon isn't easy but we aren't weaklings are we?
Riaden:I don't know about you guys but im not weak..fine lets take that one..but we will need a healer
Endo:kk, lets recruit a healer then.
Kenichi:k..lets split up and look around town for a healer.
Scott: ok but lets go in teams of two
Kenichi:sounds good, who wants to team up with me?
Riaden:No way perv, i'll pick the robot
Scott:my name is scott!..not robot -_- sigh i hate not being able to swear..but ok assassinhole i'll be on your team -_-
Endo:Guess i'm stuck with the perv lmao
Kenichi:k..wait..stuck? -_-
Endo:Kk,lets go perv
Kenichi:...sigh..fine <.<

Kenichi and endo start their search in the crowded town center.Everybody ignores them however.
So endo grabs a random guy by the collar and asks him if hes a healer.

Endo:You a healer? huh? r ya?
Kenichi:endo let the poor guy go..thats not a good way to recruit..
Endo:I don't have a choice they are all ignoring us!
Kenichi:don't worry..i'll handle..if you let him go..now..
Endo:You are gonna handle this? Kk ...this i wanna see lmao

Endo releases the poor guy that runs away as fast as he can.
Kenichi then suddenly teleports, endo looks around trying to find kenichi.

Endo:Where Da hell did he go?!?
Kenichi:UP HERE ENDO!!

Endo looks up and sees kenichi standing on a rooftop of a two story high building.

Endo: wtf.../facepalm ....Kenichi what da hell ya doing up there?!
Endo:recruiting what?! clouds?!
Kenichi::no lolz, trust me this will work...now get up here endo
Endo:..Kk -_-

Endo flies up the building and lands next to kenichi.

Endo:kk..whats the plan? ...
Kenichi:you'll see

Kenichi takes a deep breath and relaxes his body.Then shouts as loud as he can so the whole town center could hear him.


Endo: O.o ...WTF KENICHI.../facepalm ..meh..it might actually work..

meanwhile on the other end of the town.

Scott:What the hell was that...
Riaden:dunno..sounded like that pervert..i think endo killed him
Scott:..dam now we will need to recruit two people.

Endo:seriously ken wtf was that..
Kenichi:trust me it'll work
Endo:The word shame isn't in your dictionary is it?
Kenichi: lolz

Kenichi:"see , theres two healers heading up here.It worked " Endo:"....."
The healers climbed up the roof and greeted ken and endo.(kendo ? lmao)

Healer#1(Tyo):"hello,i am a healer and would like to join your guild."
Healer#2(Archon):"ye me too, so when do we start the quest? =D"
Kenichi:"yes we need a healer...we can only pay one healer though"
Endo:"we will need to test you two....fight each other to the death, the winner can join us"
Tyo:"Hell no! im a healer not a killer!"
Archon:"there must be a better way to test us..."
Kenichi:"...well there is one way... (:< "
Endo:"... (:< ...."

Kenichi teleports behind archon and kicks him in the back.Archon falls on the floor face first.Endo punches Tyo in the stomach and almost sends him flying off the roof.Archon gets back up slowly.But then he sees that kenichi's foot is about to hit him in the face.He can't dodge it and hits the floor again.

Kenichi attacks him again but this time he blocks the attack.He then draws his sword and counter attacks but kenichi teleports.Kenichi then also draws his sword and they start swordfighting.After a while Archon knocks kenichi's sword out of his hands and attacks him head on.Kenichi dodges and lands a heavy punch on Archon's face.Archon falls to the floor again and drops his sword.Kenichi kicks his sword away so he can't attack again.

In the meantime Endo is holding Tyo by his neck.Lifting him of the ground and preparing to finish him after beating him half to death.

Kenichi:"Endo stop! don't kill him"
Endo:"I'll kill whoever i want !"
Kenichi:"dude, we don't wanna be a criminal guild or do we?"
Kenichi:"there will be lots of monsters you can kill on our quest, now let him go"
Endo:"Killing noobs like this guy is more fun"
Kenichi:"..there will be lots of noobs to kill during our quest too..just don't kill this one with all these witnesses around jeez."
Endo:"..meh ..fine..., healer why you sleeping on the ground ?! heal this noob and show us how good you can heal"

Endo throws the half-dead healer on the ground next to Archon, who starts healing him.After a while he healed all his wounds and stands back up.

Archon:"ok i'm done..now am i in the guild?"
Kenichi:"yes, nice job btw, whats your name..we can't keep calling you healer lolz"
Archon:"My name is Archon ,btw that guy will be alright he just won't wake up for a few hours"
Endo:"Kk, lets head back to the others then"
Kenichi:"k, lets go"
Archon:"ok "
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Satra silverfang

Post  Kenichi DaPuppy on Wed Nov 14, 2012 3:47 am

Back at yulgars, Archon met Scott and Riaden.They planned their quest,the supplies they were gonna need,the best route to get to lagvillia and some random other stuff.By the time they were done it was already evening.So they decided they would head out after breakfast the next day.

The next morning Endo woke up and went back downstairs.There he saw kenichi already sitting at a table...with a girl on his lap!

Endo:KENICHI WHAT DA HELL ARE YOU DOING!..I knew i had to keep an eye on you ...
Kenichi:O.O .. o hi endo, good morning
Endo:Good morning? forget frigging good morning !What da hel is that girl doing on your lap!
Kenichi:oh, she's my girlfriend, Satra silverfang , kitten this is endo one of the guys i'm starting that guild with.
Satra:oh ok, nice to meet you endo ^.^
Endo:...nice to meet you to..kenichi since when do you have a girlfriend?!
Kenichi:We met a few weeks ago after my sisters funeral.
Endo: What the? you met her at your sisters funeral?
Kenichi: no afterwards when i went to a bar to try easing the pain of losing my brother
Endo:..i see..why didn't you tell us you had a girlfriend?
Kenichi: you didn't ask
Endo:...good point..<.<

Then suddenly Riaden comes walking down the stairs.

Riaden: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE KENIC-.............................TACOS!

Suddenly Riaden runs full speed out of the Inn.

Endo/kenichi/satra: ...........................................O.o..wtf........

After a while Riaden came back with cheeseburgers (he had changed his mind before he reached the taco shop).

Endo:well since she's kenichi's girlfriend..i say we let her join the guild..who agrees?
Kenichi:Kitten, chu wanna join the guild?
Satra:Ok ^.^
Kenichi: K i vote yes
Riaden:ye ok..we can use all the help we can get.
Endo:Thats three votes for yes...thats the majority..archon and scott don't have a choice lmao.
Kenichi:Scott is charging his batteries and archon is..i dunno..meditating?..he doesn't answer when i talk to him.
Riaden: and theres AFK writen in the air above his head
Endo:theres what?!..i don't even wanna know..forget i asked..
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Azertiqa the hot witch

Post  Kenichi DaPuppy on Wed Nov 14, 2012 3:54 am

a while later endo and kenichi went to the shop to stock up on supplies for the journey

endo: " kenichi ...you could've told us about satra....maybe then we wouldn't think you were a perv"
kenichi: "i never said i wasn't a perv "
endo: "lol, true but why didn't you stop that girl back then?"
kenichi:" she caught me by supprise .... the ***** , turns out she did that to steal my wallet "
endo: "huh?"
kenichi:"when i went to bed last night i found out my wallet was missing,she must have stolen it "

endo rols on the floor laughing outloud

kenichi:" its not that funny...."
endo: "lmao it is, good thing that girls would never do that with me , because i'm always in demon form to scare them of"
kenichi: "demon form? you can change form? i thought you were a full demon"
endo: " no i am only half-demon,wait ill show ya "

*POOF* A cloud of smoke then covered endo, as it pulled away a human form became visible.

kenichi: "wow you look like a nerd in human form " lmao
endo:"... shuddup or i'll kill you"
kenichi : " XD your demon form looks better,change back i don't wanna be seen hanging with a nerd JK "
endo: "**** you, imma stay in this form as long as no girl comes up to me ... they annoy me"
kenichi: " lolz,yup some of them are annoying especially those that want to **** "
endo: " wtf, girls ask you that? " (O_O) " if one asked that to me i'd never leave demon form again"
kenichi: " yes they do, but i have a girlfriend already so i always reject them ... ironical thing about it is that before i had satra no girls came to me " <.<
endo: " lol , anyway no girl would ever ask me that ever."
kenichi: " wanna bet they will?"
endo: "ha,ya really think theres a girl out there thats crazy enough to ask a demon for ***?lmfao"
kenichi :" Ye i'm sure there is a crazy girl like that somewhere in Lore.I bet for 1k gold that a girl will ask you that question within 2 weeks "
endo: "lol kk like that will happen,give me da gold already your gonna lose for certain lolz "
kenichi grins evily

kenichi: "oh don't worry it will happen,just make sre you have the gold ..soon"
endo: "thats doubtful,unless...you arent gonna ask satra to say that to me i hope?"
kenichi: "hell no ! satra's my gf, i got someone else in mind for that lol"
endo: " good luck lol you'll need it"
kenichi:"I'll go get a luck enhancement from Cysero just incase then "
endo:" -_-' "

Before they left everyone got some free time to do whatever they wanted.Kenichi and satra went on a date,scott recharged his batteries,riaden went to buy tacos for on the way and archon was AFK.

Endo stayed at the inn by himself and fell asleep after lunch.He dreamt of killing people and destroying a town.

Endo:muawhahahahaha suffer under endopkers wrath noobs !

Suddenly fluffy bunnies appeared from all directions.They jumped on him and hugged him with their fluffy paws.

Voice: Demon wake up...it isn't time to be sleeping...and definatly not of fluffy bunnies...^^

Endo woke up and saw a witch standing next to him,whispering into his ear.
Witch:Good demon your awake...I got something much better for you than fluffy bunnies ^^

The witch takes a step back and starts stripping off her armor partly.
Witch:Take me right here and now demon,lets get rough

She pushes Endo against the wall and licks his cheek and looks at him with lustfull eyes.
Endo pushes her away and draws his sword.

Endo:HELL NO!! Stay away from me witch or I'll ...wait..kenichi sent you..right?
Witch: Indeed ^^
Endo: -_- damn that perv .Kk you can go tell kenichi he won the damned bet..
Witch:He is on a date at the moment, i'll wait here till he gets back ^^ .My offer still stands though demon.We have to do do something till he gets back right ? ^^
Endo:My previous answer still stands to, incase you forgot it was : HELL NO!!...now leave me alone.

The witch puts her clothes back on and then dissapears, only to reappear behind endo.She puts her arm around his neck, leans close to his ear and whispers.

Witch:Alright demon, I got an other offer for you that might sound better...how would you..like to..rule Lore? hmm?
Endo: Does sound better but also unrealistic, theres no way that will ever happen.
Witch:With my help it will ^^
Endo: Sure and i'm a fluffy bunny
Witch:You really are obsessed with fluffy bunnies aren't you? if you rule over lore you can have all the fluffy bunnies you want..just listen to my plan
Endo: what?!..i'm not ..-_- ...Kk lets hear that plan
Witch:Everyone knows that witches and demons that make a contract with each other become very powerfull.With that magic power boost we can take over the guild, with the guild we can keep recruiting more and more members and build a great army.With that army..we slowly take over lore.And eventually you will be known as endopker the ebil lord of lore.People will tremble in fear when they hear your name!

Endo:Ye but..doesn't that mean you will be the one rulling lore?..and i'll just be..your puppet?
Witch:Not really, i don't care about politics and rulling others..you will have the power to do anything you want, i won't interfere.Only i'll be your master behind the scenes,nobody will know that your my slave and sometimes i will need you to get something done for me.You won't have to deal with me for the rest though.

Endo:sounds good..except for the slave part..
Witch:Everything has its price demon ^^
Endo:true..meh whats the worst that could happen..Kk i agree..what is your name witch, i can't keep calling you witch..
Az:My name is Azertiqa or just Az...but you can call me Mistress ^^
Endo:HELL NO! I'm not calling you mistress!
Az: Only when we are alone demon...just call me az when the others are around ^^ Its your choice,call me mistress and rule lore or be a second rank Half-demon for the rest of your life. ^^
Endo:Kk..but don't ever call me a second rank again...mistress..
Az:good then its a deal....lets continue this talk another time..I sense someone coming.
Endo: Kk
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The evil plan

Post  Kenichi DaPuppy on Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:03 am

That afternoon as soon as Scott's batteries were fully charged they left on their quest.Az tagged along saying she was going the same way.

To get to lagvillia they had to travel through a swamp filled with undead.And to make it even worse it started raining heavily.

Scott: ohno rain..
Az:..i hate water...:/
Kenichi: oh come on, a little rain won't hurt.I grew up in the rain..It reminds me of my childhood..I love rain .
Satra:It is raining alot tho ken-kun.My hair and clothes are getting wet.plus the rain is cold.
Kenichi: Its not that bad..besides chu look sexy when your wet ;3

Kenichi puts his arm around satra and holds her close to himself.

Kenichi:And chu have me to keep chu warm :3
Satra: true ^.^

They continued traveling through the marsh keeping their eyes open for undead that might attack.
But besides some skeletons and the occasional ghoul they had a safe trip.When they finally got out of the swamp it was already night and they decided to camp up.

When everyone else was asleep az woke up endo.

Az: endo follow me

Az led endo to an open spot in the swamp away from the others.She lit a fire for some light.

Endo:Whaddya want az..i was trying to sle-
Endo: wtf az seriously why do you w-
Endo..o.o'...Kk..what do you want..mistress <.<
Az: Better ^^ I just wanna talk , don't worry..and next time..call me Mistress..i won't warn you again ^^
Endo:KK..you woke me up in the middle of the night..to talk?!..about what....mistress -_-
Az:Well we don't want the others to hear our plan now do we?
Endo:makes sense..whats da plan..misstress..
Az:we should let the others know you should be leader.We need to take out our competition
Endo:But the guilds not even official yet..
Az:we gotta start early, If we want to succeed then we need to prepare very well.So we secure your position as strongest member by taking out the strongest member.
Endo:I don't think riaden is interested in being leader.
Az:well riaden isn't the strongest member and not who i'm talking about. No, we need to take out kenichi.
Endo:seriously kenichi?..that perv?
Az: don't underestimate him,he might act goofy and silly but he doesn't only have battle skills but hes also expirienced as a leader.He used to be a squad leader in a military city, plus hes the son of a leader of a legendary warrior village.I even heard rumors of him being offered the position of general.And last but not least he has satra to back him up, i'm not sure but something about her..she seems to be hidding a great power.She isn't interested in being a leader but she will stand by kenichi.
Endo:Kk , ...so I'll battle him and win..
Az:don't get cocky demon, he won't be easy to defeat but you will be supported by my magic buffs.Don't worry ...i'll explain the rest of my plan tomorow night.now lets go get some sleep.

She put out the fire and they returned to camp and went to sleep.
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Post  Kenichi DaPuppy on Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:10 am

When the guild finally reached lagvillia they were shocked.What they found was not a city, but looked more like ruins.The front gate was reduced to two small boulders and the city itself looked like it had been hit by two F5 tornado's and an earthquake at the same time.They met the mayor outside of what was once the main gate.

Kenichi:"Hello mayor, we are here to do your quest"

Kenichi hands him the quest poster they got from the Inn.

Mayor:"Finally someone comes to help us ! ...We waited for so long! We started losing all hope....you probably wonder what we need your help for....ok then I will tell you what happened here and what your quest is.."

~two weeks earlier~

It was a quiet day in lagvillia, the sun was up high and the birds were singing.But then suddenly the birds flew away and it turned quiet in the village.It was tottaly quiet and suddenly dark purple clouds filled the sky.It stayed quiet untill suddenly a huge dark figure flew over the town, it flew down and landed in the middle of the village.It was a giant dark purple dragon, the villagers started running in all directions as the dragon set the town ablaze with its purple flames.

That day over half of the villagers died and the the ones that survived were heavily injured.The mayor hired a team of 70 dragonslayers to kill the dragon.They went after the dragon and only one returned three days later.The team had slain the dragon but died while doing so only one survived.The sole survivor died two hours after arriving back at lagvillia.Before he went into a coma and died he told the mayor about an egg in the dragon's cave.


Mayor:"that's where you guys come in,..if that egg hatches it could attack us.So i want you to find and destroy it...be carefull the dragon's cave is filled with wyverns and probably some draconian guards as well.Good luck and ... i hope you return safely...i will pray to the gods for your safe return"

The guild (and az) headed for the dragon's cave that used to be a mine but was abandoned long ago.
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Cuk'co rhu'lr

Post  Kenichi DaPuppy on Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:18 am

The area between lagvillia and the abandoned mines was dry,rocky and it was hot.Rocks were scattered all over the area with the mountain where the mines where towering above all the other large rocks.The guild headed straight towards the mountain wanting to complete the quest as fast as possible.

Scott:dam its hot..i'm overheating..
Az: seriously scott when do you stop complaining? ohno its raining, ohno its too hot..make up your mind ..besides your a robot you have a cooling system right?
Scott: ye but..robots can still overheat you know..
Az: well complain all you want, i'm glad its this warm, now i can get a tan.I'm sure satra agrees with me right satra?
Satra..lol i don't need to tan..i can change my skin color when i want ^.^
Az:..thats cheating -_- anyway i'm changing into my bikini
Endo:we don't have time for that..
Az:don't whine endo, besides it'll only take a sec

A puff of smoke appears and when it flies off az is only wearing a bikini.

Az: see told you it wouldn't take long ^^
Endo: you can't keep your clothes on can you? -_-
Az:didn't i tell you not to whine? ^^

Satra: ken-kun....
Kenichi:what is it kitten?
Satra: we are being watched.
Kenichi:can you sense how many of them there are and if they're close?
Satra:They are slowly moving closer but thats all i can sense, they are still too far away..
Kenichi:k, tell me when chu sense anything new, ok?
Satra: ok ^.^
Kenichi:Guys be carefull this smells like an ambush.
Az:Kenichi who the fuck put you in charge?
Kenichi: weren't you just tagging along az? why would you care?
Az: shuddup

Archon:az could you atleast cover yourself up a bit more?..i know its hot but im here in heavy armor im sure you could..ya know wear a t-shirt?
Az:Oh whats to matter archon..getting hot under that armor? ;p
Archon:No..its just not decent..this isn't a beach you know
Az:Archon..you know your boring right? just because you are so annoying i'll take off even more ^^

Kenichi:Whats wrong kitten?
Satra: look over there!

She pointed towards a hooded figure that was heading towards them.

Kenichi: "Archon get your bow ready, fire if they make any sudden movements."

The figure was wearing green robes.When she came closer she took of the hood and revealed a green female face with purple hair and eyes.

Figure:"Hello,You guys wouldn't happen to be heading towards the abandoned mines?"
Endo:"That depends , who is asking?
Cucco:"Oh yes, excuse my manners...my name is cuccoruler and i am a rare item huntress."
Kenichi:"nice to meet you cuccoruler and yes we are on our way to the abandoned mines.I'm guessing you are heading there too?"
Cucco:"that is right i am, would you mind if i tag along? And btw are you guys a guild or something?"
Kenichi:"Yes we are a guild ...
Az:"seriously wtf, first she spies on us and now she wants to tag along..?!She's planning to ambush us! who else is with you!"

Az pushes cucco against a rock and threatens her with a fireball.

Cucco: o_o'

Kenichi:"Kitten can you sense anything?"
Satra:"..yes, she's alone and her energy isn't hostile.She isn't planning on ambushing us."
Kenichi:"K,well cucco seems you can tag along, but why are you heading there if you don't mind me asking?"
Cucco:"i heard there was a rare sword somewhere in those mountains"
Kenichi:"i see well we will help you find it if you help us find something.Since you are a rare item huntress we could use your searching skills"
Cucco:"ok its a deal, what are you looking for?"
Kenichi:"A dragon egg that needs to be destroyed before it hatches"
Cucco:"Hmm..ok dragons are good at hiding their eggs but i enjoy a challenge.."
Kenichi:"lolz thats good to hear, don't worry about the mother, she already has been killed

Cucco:Thats good..makes it alot easier

The guild then made its way to the mountain with a new member and increased chances to find the egg.

Archon: atleast she has a sense of decency unlike az
Az:oh well she is green you know, i don't think she needs to tan
Cucco:actually tanning is healthy for my skin
Az:Ye cuz you can do photosynthesis right?
Archon:AZ! don't insult her just cuz she has a better sense of decency then you do!
Cucco:actually..i can..but its limited..
Az:In your face archon XD
Cucco:don't worry archon..I'm sure she doesn't mean it badly..plus its sweet that your trying to stand up for me
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Drako the wannadin

Post  Kenichi DaPuppy on Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:23 am

A few hours later they saw a paladin fighting a zard in the distance..well more like trying to run away from a zard...

The paladin was running between the rocks trying to lose the zard.But it simply jumped over the rocks.Then the paladin tripped and the zard closed in fast.

kenichi: " archon!"

archon:" i know"

archon grabs his large silver bow aims and an arrow formed out of dark green (undead) energy .he shoots the arrow at an amazing speed at the zard.it hits and drills a hole through the zard and it collapses.they rush toward the paladin to see if he is ok.

paladin:"thank you..."
archon: "no problem"
kenichi:"... whats your name paladin?"
drako:"uh...my ..name?...drako.. my name is drako the paladin"
endo:"drako? ya seem kinda nervous, you wouldn't be lying now would you?"
drako:"...lying? no i wouldn't lie..."
endo:"if i find out that you are lying then i will kill ya"
drako:"no please! please don't kill me!!"

kenichi:"lol well then don't lie drako"
drako:" i am not lying!"
kenichi: " well then you don't have a reason to be afraid now do you? Any way i think it would be safer for you to come with us incase you get attacked again"
drako:"ok sounds good...(as long as that demon stays far away from me...)"

They kept walking towards the mountain, now with 9 members.

Endo:"or so they thought, there where actually 6 that cared 2 that where plotting to take over the world and one imbecile that didn't matter or do shit"

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Guild leader

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The failed bond

Post  Kenichi DaPuppy on Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:28 am

that night they reached the mountain but it was late so they decided to go to sleep and start searching the next morning.az wakes up endo again.

az:"endo wake up and follow me "

he follows her to a remote place far away from the rest.Completely surrounded by mountains and rocks.

endo:"what do you want now... mistress...<.<"
az:"its time to start our plan , fight kenichi before breakfast when he is weakened without food"
Az:"Now I think its Time for your collaring"
Endo:"my what?!"
Az:"Collaring, you get a collar to put on that shows that you are owned by me."
Endo:WHAT! you said nobody would know ! if they see that collar they will know!"
Az:"You can easily hide it...and its not that bad"
Endo:"not that bad my ass!.."
Az:*summons a collar*..now come over here*
Endo: "Hell no i don't want it!"
Az:"Its not your choice to make demon ..now put this on."
Endo:"No way i'm out of here"

endo turns around and starts walking back

az:"Demon stop!,... did i give permission to walk back? no i did not, so come here"
endo:"wtf, i need sleep..."
az:"i said COME BACK! i am not done with you yet!"
endo:"what the hell its over midnight ... fuck it"

endo turns back around and walks back


she fires a fireball at endo , it hits and makes him fall on his knees.

endo:"you B*TCH !!! DARK INFERNO!"

He slashes the air with his sword and sends a tornado of darkness rushes towards Az.She jumps up and dodges, throws 3 more fireballs at endo before landing.The dark inferno hits a rock and blows it up.
Endo dashes to the left and avoids the fireballs.Az runs towards him and draws kai.Endo also draws his sword and blocks her attack .
They keep clashing their swords against each other.

Then az kicks endo in the stomach, he flies backward and az jumps up and slashes kai at him while in the air. He blocks , as az lands kai sends a bolt of electricity run through himself and endo's sword, shocking Endo.
Az kicks him to the ground, stands on him with one of her heels and holds kai to his neck.

az:"this is your last chance endo , obey me or die!"
endo:"forget it you witch!"

endo turns into his demon form and grabs kai and pushes them away
Endo shoots a blast of his demonic energy at her (hellfire) Glacy forms a protective wall of ice just in time to stop it, the ice breaks but the explosion doesnt hurt az or glacy.Az retaliates with a fire blast.Endo dodges the huge ball of fire but az is right behind it and slashes at endo.
He dodges and counter attacks.Again they clash swords for a while, until endo notices kai charging another shock.He pushes az into the air with his full power.She lands on a large rock, jumps off it and attacks endo from the air with a fully charged kai.End jumps into the air towards Az and their swords clash in mid-air, the shockwave sends them both crashing to the ground.

They both get back up and run towards eachother and again their swords clash.Glacy attacks endo from Az her shoulder with an ice shard.Endo dodged to the right but az fired a fireball at him that he couldn't dodge.He gets hit but his armor protects him enough to stay on his feet.Az continues her assault with a lightning bolt from kai.This time endo can dodge and attacks az from her left.She blocks and their swords clash once more.Kai starts charging another shock and glacy prepares another ice shard but endo notices and pushes Az back and flies up into the sky.

Az fires a fireball at him , he dodges to the left.Glacy fires another ice shard, endo dodges to the right.Az uses kai to shoot a lightning bolt at endo who almost gets hit but manages to dodge by falling down.Az charges at endo who is now back on the ground he slashes his sword through the air twice forming an X and a cross of demonic energy blasts (cross hell) toward Az.She dodges and endoattacks her making kai fly out her hands.He then attacks again.

Az tries dodging but can't completely and it cuts her robe Her robe drops to the ground and she is left standing in her underwear.She looks down and notices shes in her underwear.She smiles seductively and winks toward endo;

az:"heh.... Endo you perv... you stil don't wanna stay... with me?"
endo:"huh?...O.O.. uh ...NO PUT ON SOME DAM CLOTHES!"
az:" oh you sure?... you dont wanna..."
endo:"NO!...now put on some clothes and leave me alone!"

az dissapears and reappears behind endo putting one hand on his shoulder she whispers in the ear on the other side, holding him from behind pressing her body against his.

az:"come on endo .... ill let you do anything to me..."
endo:"........uh .. O.O'.....NO!!!!"

he grabs her by the arm and tosses her away she hits the floor

az:"ouch.......i see i can't seduce you... "
Endo:finally realized it? took you long enough
az:"think about it endo WE COULD RULE LORE!"
endo:"NO! ...its not worth it!"
az:"well then i will have to make you change your mind by force"

She picks up kai and attacks him again (still wearing underwear only) .Their swords clash again and again and..ag..ya know..its a swordfight..O.O in other words lots of sword clashing.lolz
Az then realizes being in her underwear doesnt affect endo, so she backs off.

Az:"seems like i cant distract you either..ok then..ill let you go, but this doesnt mean you win! You will be my slave one day and we will rule lore!"

they silently return to the camp and go to sleep
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Re: ChaoZ begins

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