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free forum

New Forum + Minor Updates

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New Forum + Minor Updates Empty New Forum + Minor Updates

One last move.

Why move after getting comfy here? Because we can have our forum run the way we want it and not by forumotion's will and because it's on the same server as the game, so when I become a better coder in PHP and SQL and understand the LotGD and PHPbb code and functions, I will be able to tie them together and connect the forum to the game.

That and if we get paid hosting, the game AND THE FORUM benefit without the code breaking.

But what does this mean for this forum? It will be still up. The other forum, seen here, needs work. Want to help? Post there. I'm making my own test server that will be running in the same format to test this format out and such, so I suggest keeping to here for now, and to post in the topics already here, that way keeping the threads we need to backup down.

If you wish to help, I'll take it. Otherwise, I suggest getting your google accounts ready, even if you do not have/use them. It will make sharing documents and such easier, like back ups of threads.

All I will say for now. Just go to the other forum and make an account. If you want the game, it's still found at, but you need to add a /game for now. I'll make a bland homepage later.

With that, I'll say that the PDF so far is going great, and the later versions will be better than the first by sure. I see artwork and other such stuff being in this.

Also, I will be laying off the gaming things. We will be a casual gaming guild, but if you want to take it seriously, like League/Dota teams, you have our support! Since the work won't mean much right now, I suggest you all sit back, relax and write down suggestions for the website and game.


Discussion Thread.
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New Forum + Minor Updates :: Comments


Post Thu Apr 04, 2013 12:45 am  WereMagi

Also, found a site to be the front page. Gonna set it up later.

Order of things being set up:

Clan related -

Game/RP Related-

For a casual gaming and rp guild, I am sure still acting like we are gonna be big, arn't I? Then again, we need freedom from this place so I can give you guys what you want.

If you want anything added, like certain games for the Arcade, use the discussion thread.

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Post Fri Apr 05, 2013 12:01 pm  WereMagi

Progress on the new forum:

Adding in some BBCode for now. Stuff like spoiler tags, strike, youtube and alignment.
Adding some more colorful skins.
TRYING to add a chatbox of ANYKIND with no result. Might need to rely on my backup I already set up.
Adding mods to the forum for a more fun forum. TRYING to get an arcade going... might need to use the website for that.

I have nothing else to report...

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Post Tue Apr 16, 2013 1:34 pm  WereMagi

So, what have I been up to so far?

  • Arcade set up, games added, mostly Tower Defense but still games. Might add more monthly or weekly, depends on Scott needing more games for now.

  • Using my test forum to actually test things for now, so don't expect much new.

  • Added some ranks, when you join up, I'll assign them to you.

  • Gonna set up the forum threads and shit like that.

  • Prepare for forum move.

  • Set up the website, forum, game and wiki to all link each other (Yes, we are bring the wiki back) and to have donation links to our paypal, which will be mostly used for hosting stuff, and maybe buying things needed for the Guild. No, hookers are NOT needed for us.

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