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Big changes!

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Big changes! Empty Big changes!

The forum has been cleaned up. Only RP's remain. We no longer need the other stuff because we've got Discord for that now.
I kept Some of the more fun forums we had in the basket. However only Admins and Rol+Jex can see them and read over them if they want.

This means you can still read the babblethread, Rol. So you can read over how silly we were in the old days. However you can no longer post in them. If you wanna Babble, use discord.

Anyone else cannot see these old forums and threads.

I've also hidden the Information forum. (Was only information about Val.) Because it's outdated and any current info can be found on the Cloudverse wiki.
(Which is missing some information because I have other projects that need my attention more. But it's still a better source for information about Val than some old dusty threads that contradict the current canon.)
Only I can still see it (and Dean because he's also an admin). Because there are some tidbits that I wanna keep as reference for myself and could still use in the future.

Secondly, the main reason for this big clean up: the fusion.
ChaoZ is in the process of being fused with the Fear Mythos. We will be the little gaming corner for the Fear mythos community. This includes Videogames, Tabletop RPG's and our regular forum Roleplays.
They will be joining us on the discord when Dean has finished setting the channels up properly. Some of them have already jumped over.
And one of them has already joined us here as well. I have named him Noodle. (Because his usual online avatar is a snake.) It's not his actual name (not even his account name) but just call him Noodle.

He showed interest in joining our HashBrown pokémon game. So maybe it won't just be me and Rol anymore.
(As it was intended before the other players dropped out).

And lastly, with Jex unreachable at University the "A Royal Pain in the Elves" rp will be on Hiatus untill he returns. So will the new Pirate RP that we haven't been able to get properly started.

Instead I will be trying to see if any of our new buddies from the Mythos are interested in another RP. If there is enough interest I will be starting the Val version of D.I.E. on the Newblood forum. The idea is to have a very casual RP that takes place in a hidden Magic school for students that have been for whatever reason kicked out of other magic schools. (Or didn't get accepted.)
This will hopefully allow new people to get to know the Val setting. So that we don't drop them off blindly into a full "campaign" where they don't know what the fuck is going on.
Everyone will start off with a first year student character. More details will follow later.
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