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Updates so far.

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Updates so far. Empty Updates so far.

Alright, guess I should alert you guys what is going down.

Progress on the game has come to a halt as Ken and I work on a PDF that will have everything you will ever need to know about the world you RP in and the world the MMO takes place in. And since it's not a thread format, Jex and Rol can't derail it like the derailists they are.

We have a babble thread. If you derail anything outside the off-topic section, you get a warning and the posts deleted. Of course, it will be dealt with depending with the situation so you may just get your post moved to it's own thread with or without a warning. Mainly to train you guys not to babble outside the babble thread. You can only derail welcome threads, the babble thread and any silly threads in off-topic.

You may have noticed that you can't reply to these News posts now. It's because the reply and post permissions are one on Forumotion, so if you can reply, you can post your own News post. Had to disable that for you guys, sadly, since I made it an Admin only thing. I can't however to that in the Must Reads forum itself, so understand that we will be watching the forum like hawks to make sure no one posts in the wrong boards.

Im gonna have put off recruiting until our members are at least decent and now what they are doing with their games they are leading. Really important for reasons I hopefully do not have to discuss.

Rules. I'm gonna have to make a thread for this later one and update the site rules to include some stuff I noticed. I won't mention any other rules now, so you guys are okay. These rules are mainly for new members.

Also, Ken, Psia and I are all working on other projects right now, if Rol, Endo, Scott and Jex have any projects they want to share here, post about it in the link I will mention below.

Now, since I have mentioned you can't reply to News Posts unless you are an admin, I have created a News Discussion board within the Must Reads forum. Discuss this post Here.

I am sure there is a better method for this, but I will not bother playing with it yet since it was a head enough trying figure out how. So bear with me if it happens to be how we will run things. Any suggestions can be sent into the suggestion box thread.

With that, this is your Guild Update for... the month? Maybe might do these monthly.
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